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ShareBullets: Judging Sprite Dunkers, Trade Links & Andray Blatche's Tweets

Updated: June 22, 2012

ShareBullets… links and random relevance…

[Capitol Rebuilding]

First off, news…

TAI’s Adam McGinnis (@adammcginnis) will be a judge at the Sprite Slam Dunk Showdown this Saturday at the National Capital Barbecue Battle in downtown Washington, D.C.

The details you need:

Where: Pennsylvania Avenue and around 13th Street NW at the BBQ Battle (which is celebrating its 20th anniversary).

When: 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 23.

What: So Sprite is hosting these dunk contests in eight cities (D.C. is the seventh) — 1st prize is $1,000, 2nd prize is $500 and 3rd prize is $250. After the tour is done, the 10 dunkers left (eight city finalists and two video submissions) will be narrowed down to four, and those four will compete for the dunking crown at NBA All-Star Weekend 2013 in Houston, TX (and a $10,000 prize).

Dunks: Last year, Kenny Dobbs, with help from Cedric Ceballos, pulled off a blind-folded dunk while jumping over two people. You can watch that here. This dunk by “Air Up There” is also pretty nice.

Internet: Sprite Slam Dunk Show Down Facebook Page

What Else? Sprite is also gathering amateur players to compete at 2013 All-Star Weekend in a game coached by LeBron and Kobe. The “Uncontainable Game” program involves people submitting video (of any sort of basketball play/move) on Sprite’s website… BUT, at the National Capital BBQ, they will also be filming whomever wants to submit a move.

Who Again? TAI’s Adam McGinnis will be a judge at the dunk contest, along with NBA dunking great Darryl Dawkins (and who knows who else), so check it out.


I’m still not quite sure why some are getting their butts in a wrinkle about the Wizards-Hornets trade, grossly over-valuing cap space and the risk that comes with it in the process. There are no guarantees in free agency. And as Tom Ziller points out in his piece linked below, the Wizards are priming themselves to have cap space in 2014 when some of the changes from the new Collective Bargaining Agreement start to take effect. In the meantime, some might call it “placating” John Wall with veterans and the ability to win sooner, but I call it “learning.” Wall and the other eight players expected to be on their rookie contracts next season must LEARN how to win. If the Wizards are a borderline playoff team next season or the next, then fine. Just don’t get in a panic over precious salary cap space that was unlikely to fulfill future wishes anyway. The trade is a risk, that’s for sure, but it’s far more risky to wait and see and hope for what could be nothing but disappointment in taking a Plan B or C in the free agency game. Or, did you just expect the Wizards to magically land a max contract free agent with max contract salary space? Get real.

Now, links…

Not long after the Okafor/Ariza for Lewis/46 trade went down, I appeared on 106.7 The Fan with LaVar and Dukes. Click for a brief run-down of that.

One of the better takes I’ve seen on the trade comes from SB Nation’s Tom Ziller … a must-read.
[SB Nation]

The take of Mark Deeks at The Basketball Jones is probably the next thing you should check out.

Kevin Pelton’s analysis of the trade at Basketball Prospectus is a worthy read.
[Basketball Prospectus]

Thoughts from’s Zach Lowe … another good read.
[Sports Illustrated]

Finally, some local thoughts…
[Live From the Phone Booth]

Andray Blatche and Twitter…

Late into the June 20 night and into the next day, Andray Blatche took to Twitter. He started with a simple: “Lol love it or hate it I’m here forever lol.”

Blatche then curiously responded to the tweets of several people, many of whom — in a sense, being “trolled” by Blatche — responded with disparaging remarks. Andray played the role of “good sport,” it seems — if, in fact, the person typing the Tweets was him; his account is verified FWIW.

The most classic interaction came courtesy of the captain and the WizzNutzz. I observed and retweeted select interactions; they are pasted below.

Lol love it or hate it I’m here forever lol

@wzzntzz: in D.C. or u achieve invincibilty in Dungeons & Dragons? RT@drayblatche: Lol love it or hate it I’m here forever lol

@drayblatche@wzzntzz in D.C I’ll never leave yal

@wzzntzz: This tweet like a halfsmoke: promise & threat!!! RT @drayblatche:@wzzntzz in D.C I’ll never leave yal

@drayblatche@wzzntzz is mines a promise lol

@wzzntzzCan we come workout with u? U teach we jumpers, we teach u krav maga RT @drayblatche@wzzntzz is mines a promise lol

@drayblatche@wzzntzz I’m with it let’s do it

@wzzntzzSweet. U people gonna get w/ we people, or should we just meet u @ Verizon in 3 hours? Rt @wzzntzz I’m with it let’s do it

@wzzntzz: Mr. @drayblatche, we can run 20 minute mile, bench Earl Boykins & choke chickens with both hands.

@wzzntzz: Dr. @drayblatche!!! Don’t go to the light!! Reach out 2 we hands, we’ll save u!!!! Lets do goblet squats ‘N SYNC!!!!

@wzzntzzWzzntzz + @drayblatche, synchronous goblet squats for London Olympics 2012. Ass 2 da ground 4 PEACE.

@wzzntzz.@drayblatche, doth hath foresaken we c’est soir. Packd up we leg warmers & jazzercise tapes, await ur workout invite 4another nite

@TheyCallMeAzul: If by “forever” you mean “until draft day” RT @drayblatche: Lol love it or hate it I’m here forever lol

@drayblatche: @TheyCallMeAzul wat u wanna bet

@drayblatche@TheyCallMeAzul let’s be surprised together

@TheRockwell: @drayblatche how you feel about being the JaMarcus Russell….that stuck around?

@drayblatche@TheRockwell not sure who that is but I feel great

@jccchen87: @drayblatche where’s here?

@drayblatche: @jccchen87 wizards baby

@Mic_Nas89wait does anyone know who was a worse draft pick: Kwame brown, Ryan leaf, Greg oden or @drayblatche

@drayblatche: @Mic_Nas89 that’s easy fool me duh lol

@PhotoShootGriff: i hate you @drayblatche

@drayblatche: @PhotoShootGriff sometimes I hate me to

@TheeSouthside@drayblatche u still sexin prostitutes bro?

@drayblatche@TheeSouthside na never really did talked to one lol

@Woody__26@drayblatche how’d you feel everytime you shot the ball you got boo’d regardless of the result?

@drayblatche@Woody__26 before weak now don’t really matter I’m here forever so deal with it

@nog_lip@drayblatche if you really want to speak out, how do you feel about your teammates?

@drayblatche: @nog_lip truth b told LOVE them like my brothers especially ernie grunfield he’s always been behind me

@StacieJaay@drayblatche do you plan to retire from basketball as a Wizard?

@drayblatche@StacieJaay wat and u know it

@StacieJaay@drayblatche okay. I figured you wanted a trade/to be released. Whatever happens, I just want to see the Wizards win.

@drayblatche@StacieJaay trust me traded released watever ill always b a wizards

The End?

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