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The Eva Kodouskova Diaries (a k a Jan Vesely’s girlfriend)

Updated: June 7, 2012

[Editor’s Note: We first came across Jan Vesely and his girlfriend Eva Kodouskova almost a year ago. On June 23, 2011, the couple caught the attention of America (and NBA fans beyond) when Jan, upon being selected by the Washington Wizards sixth overall in the draft, stood up, as Eva stood up, and they kissed. The result? A Truth About video, “A Draft Night Kiss,” was born (video embedded at the bottom of this post). Actually, the real result is that Jan and Eva are now engaged, per an announcement by Jan on the Jan Krause Show in early May.

Not long after Vesely came to the Wizards, Lukas Kuba (@Luke_Mellow) became a contributor to TAI regarding all things Vesely/Czech-related. Specifically, Lukas served as translator for the journals (or “diaries”) that Jan penned for Czech websites during the season, diaries which were posted to TAI (also indexed below); Lukas also contributed to the Jan Vesely player review. Now, through Lukas reaching out to Eva, we have a TAI exclusive: a blog post written (in English, of course) by Ms. Kodouskova herself … The Eva Kodouskova Diaries, if you will. – Kyle W.] 

[Easter with Jan & Eva, via instgram/janvesely24

[Easter with Jan & Eva, via instgram/janvesely24

Hi Wizards Fans, I was asked to do a blog about Jan’s rookie season…

by Eva Kodouskova

First, what do I think Jan did best this season? I like his effort he puts into each game along with good defense. However, as most of the fans, I like the dunks. Obviously, he needs to improve his shooting. Do I plan on helping him improve? I am already very supportive but when I think he should change something in his game, I just tell him my opinion. Jan told me that the most difficult part about adjusting to the NBA are the different basketball rules and different style of the game. There are more team playing, passing combinations in European basketball. Jan’s mood and outlook always depends on basketball, a lot. He enjoyed so much the last part of the season when the Wizards won more games, he got more playing time and could show some good games. He enjoys being in Washington and in the NBA, he enjoys the service the Wizards players have. He likes the possibility of going to the practice gym with the shooting coaches any time. Fans have asked if he has plans to be on Twitter, I don’t think so. But I am sure there are already several “official” Jan Veselys on Twitter, as well as on Facebook.

It was tough to be away from Jan. Long distance relationships are always hard, but the time shift makes it even more difficult. When I woke up, Jan went to bed. When he woke up, it was late afternoon in Czech Rep. so we had very little time to be in touch during the day. I can’t say an exact number of the games I watched, but it was usually a lot during the exam period, because I had to study late into the night. So I turned on the Wizards game to stay up.

I have been to D.C. three times during this short season. I would like to come more often, but it was impossible because of my school and Jan’s away games. What I like about D.C. is that it’s clean city with parks and that there are many cultural places and monuments to see, and good restaurants, too. I’m planning to move to Washington, but there are still many question marks about it. I am studying in the last year of an undergraduate architecture program, and I am working on my thesis which is due next week!!

How is my basketball career going? Last season I decided not play in the highest division basketball league in Czech Republic anymore because of school. However, my current team, Sparta Prague, just won the second highest division league, and we are playing qualifying rounds to the highest division again now. I like that Jan can watch my games now. When I was in D.C. this season, I did get a chance to meet with some Wizards players. I met the players as well as the staff and people around who take care of them. My favorite NBA player excluding Jan is… I like to watch the magic that Ricky Rubio does. When I was younger, my favorite player was Kevin Garnett, but I don’t remember why. I think that my friends liked him so I did too. I have one NBA jersey, but it’s not Jan’s, it’s a Steve Nash jersey.

Now, the question is, do I think basketball is becoming more popular in the Czech Republic? I say yes. It was five years ago or so when the first basketball magazine appeared on newsstands. It was followed by basketball on Czech television — domestic, Euroleague, as well as NBA games. The 2010 FIBA World Championship for Women was held in the Czech Republic, and we won the silver medal. Fortunately, there are people in the Czech Republic, such as Jiri (George) Zidek, who care about basketball and contribute so much to make basketball more popular. Jan is now becoming one of them too.

Looking forward to the next season, Wizards Fans!

[Note: this entry was written by Eva in early May.]

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