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Washington Wizards Select Bradley Beal with the Third Pick of the 2012 NBA Draft

Updated: June 28, 2012

After a month of speculation, the Washington Wizards ended running the table and landing their man in Florida’s Bradley Beal. John Wall now has his running mate and the Wizards appear to be step further towards being a viable NBA franchise.

Rapid Reactions from the ESPN crew in Newark, NJ:

Chris Broussard: “He fits in terrifically. They needed a shooter to spread the floor for John Wall to have passing lanes. I like the fact he’s a high character guy. They’ve had a bit of a knucklehead factor in Washington—just to be honest—and that’s why they’ve underachieved. They’ve had a lot of talent. Now, they’ve brought in Nene, they brought in Emeka Okafor, and now you have Bradley Beal. That’s surrounding John Wall with good characters and I think they’re going to be a better team for it.”

Jeff Van Gundy: “[The Wizards development around Wall has] been moderate. I think you have to wait and see because John Wall was not put in a great position to succeed. Chris referenced it—and he was being kind—but they had a huge knucklehead factor. They’ve tried to eliminate that, tried to get better character guys. They have to continue to improve their shooting, because when you have a driving point guard, you need to have the lane opened up. To do that you need to have the requisite shooting. Until he’s given a chance to develop with the right guys around him, both character-wise and playing ability-wise, it’s too early to determine. Now it starts to be on him and he has got to deliver more.”

Jay Bilas: “I think Beal will be a good influence on that entire locker room and a good partner for wall in the backcourt. Beal only shot 34 percent from 3 this last year, but toward the end of the season, he started to shoot the ball the way most people think he’s capable of shooting it. I think he really stretches the floor for them and he’s the type of athlete that can drive a closeout—you closeout to him and he can go by you, and he can score. I like the fact he’s a willing defender and he can rebound at a high rate for a guard. He’ll stick his nose in there and is unafraid.”

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  • Tony

    Character guy. Willing defender. Rebounding guard. Everything Nick Young was not. I like him already!

  • Mike

    Our second round pick was atrocious though. Im very happy about Beal, even ernie couldnt screw that up

  • AjFromTheDMV

    Great 1st round pick. Earnie has to do something in free agency after screwing up the 2nd round pick. I like that Beal has range, he can defend, and he rebounds well.

  • Blue

    I think Ernie has an infatuation of sorts for obscure European players with “potential” that no one can prove or disprove because no one has ever seen or heard of them before.

    Oleksiy Pecherov #18 2006
    Vladimir Veremeenko #48 2006
    Nemanja Bjelica #35 2010
    Jan Vesely #6 2011
    Tomas Satoransky #32 2012

  • Hulk

    can you be racist in that u love Europeans? but seriously, they missed out on several good wing players to pick up this dude….Unless Grunfield is practically given a great player to pick, he is a moron

  • Loved the Beal pick. Loved it. Was so, so happy that Charlotte took MKG and that Cleveland didn’t take the best fit for the Wizards (I mean, aside from Anthony Davis) away.

    I can’t say this enough: I hated the pick of Satoransky. I don’t care how much Vesely likes him. They passed on Quincy Miller, who would’ve been a steal there and given the Wiz another shooter. They passed on Draymond Green, another shooter who would’ve given the Wizards additional toughness on the wing. They passed on Mike Scott, who I know a lot of commenters loved and I was starting to come around on. They passed on Orlando Johnson, who would’ve given the Wizards another impact player at the 2. Ditto on Will Barton. I was disgusted. Saty would’ve been fine at the later 2nd round pick… except they traded that one away in the awful Ariza/Okafor deal. So now I get to hate that trade all over again.

  • hosch

    I can’t believe Grunfeld dropped the incompetent bomb on us at 32. I understand it’s only a second round pick, but when All Star talent like Quincy Miller falls into our laps it’s painful to know Grunfeld will do the wrong thing. F Satoransky I’m booing him.

  • Nich

    You are going to boo a guy because you don’t like the fact that the wizards drafted him?

    Constantly amazed at some of the twisted logic that sports fans can employ.

    How about – you’re a fan of the team, cheer the guy, send him kind and encouraging words. I hate the pick too but I’m not going to actively attempt to make the player worse in order to express my displeasure with management. Literally makes no sense on any conceivable level. Boo Ernie.

    Can’t wait to see this team this year! I love the trade and think Seraphin and Booker will be excellent students. They can look good, but they’re nowhere near Okafor’s level and emeka is a great guy, willing teacher and totally underrated player. I can’t see our new additions sticking around past this season, but I like our prospects for this year and can’t wait to see what big name player we turn okafor and ariza into.

    But yea, that 2nd round pick was seriously shortsighted. Sure, the Spurs considered him in round 1 and that has to be a good sign, but ern should have picked up the highest upside guy and started fielding offers. I don’t agree with the idea that we don’t need a young guy now, but even operating on that assumption this was an incredibly deep draft and teams don’t think too far into the future. Virtual guarantee that a Jae Crowder could have got us a 2015 first round pick from a team currently in contention.