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Wizards Summer League Video Notebook: Boarding Beal, Coaching Cassell & Big G Siler Runs The Hardwood

Updated: July 17, 2012

As summer-league play for the Wizards continues with game four against the Memphis Grizzlies today at 6 p.m. EDT, let’s take a glance at the video notebook.

Boarding Bradley Beal

“Some people just have a nose for the ball.” There’s that cliche, and it applies to Bradley Beal, but it’s not simply about what his schnoz is or is not attracted to… Beal possesses the intuition to put his body (and nose) in the most opportune place, which is right in front of the rim. Let’s go to the video of Brad Beal rebounding, specifically those of an offensive nature.

Here, Beal places himself at the rim and gets the offensive board and put-back… easy peasy.

I’m not quite sure why Tomas Satoransky doesn’t see Beal here, but, nonetheless, Bradley again puts himself in rebounding position and draws the foul.

The kicker: After throwing an imperfect pass to an open Steven Gray for a missed 3-pointer, Beal secures the rebound, and Shelvin Mack ultimately finds Jan Vesely for a lob dunk.

Sam I Am, the coach.

The question of whether Randy Wittman is the right coach for this Wizards team will linger until he proves himself capable to critics. When he was re-upped, some reports suggested it was strictly a financial move. Sure, it was cost-effective, but not without consideration. A previous rendition of Ted Leonsis might have wanted to splash into claims that another trip to the lottery would be “unacceptable” with a big name coach, the associated money spending, and then asking his young core of players to start over again with a new instructor. Doesn’t make a lot of sense at this juncture.

But, a discussion of Wittman shouldn’t end at the man, but rather delving into his staff. It’s assistant money, but prying new assistant coach Don Newman away from a seven-year run with the San Antonio Spurs, and into the world of Wizards, probably didn’t come cheap. And then there’s Sam Cassell. He has passion; he can relate to players (perhaps to balance the Bobby Knightsian sensibilities of Wittman); he can still show some of today’s players a thing or two on the practice court. Below is some video of Cassell talking about the opportunity to coach the summer league again — he also coached the 2010 squad featuring John Wall — after Washington’s third game in Vegas. The money quote:

“The game of basketball is not all about X’s and O’s, it’s about getting your guys to really understand how hard you want them to play. You get a team that plays hard, that will cover up for a lot, a lot of mistakes.”

“Big G”

Garret Siler may be big, perhaps even pushing 3-hundo, but the guy has put in some work in Las Vegas. Sitting on media row along the baseline, Siler definitely vibrates the ground when he throws on home — one can only imagine what it’s like actually being on the court under one of his thunderous dunks. So let’s go to some video of “Big G” …

1) A dunk, enough said.

2) See Siler run the floor here? Now that is effort.

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