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ShareBullets: John Wall & Young NBA Summers

Updated: August 27, 2012

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Who says child prodigies have no time to grow up, to be young?

… John Wall seems to be doing just fine.

Just like during last year’s NBA lockout summer, Wall this summer has made his way around the land like a Tribe Called Quest song. Instead of a mic, it’s a basketball… but he’s still having all the fun that a world tour can provide.

From NOC, there’s John Wall’s breakout story, set at a 2007 camp sponsored by Reebok where college coaches try to find breakout stories; Wall’s breakout happened in Philadelphia. One thing that’s clear about Wall, which is reflected in his passion for basketball, is how the tough times he faced as a kid are clearly reflected in his professional maturity.

Maybe you’ve already seen the 15-minute NOC feature that shows some old footage of Wall with coverage of today’s prospects at this year’s Reebok camp. Featured is Baltimore’s Aquille Carr, who is facing some tough times himself this summer (the prodigy nicknamed the “Crimestopper” was recently arrested for allegedly assaulting the mother of his child).

The key (to the summer) is exposure, as North Carolina coach Larry Brown says in the video; Oh, it’s also about the hair.

Speaking of… John Wall’s recruitment to Kentucky is perceived as one of the dirtiest in the last 10 years, according to a CBS Sports poll. It’s tough to know what dirty really means when it comes to college sports. Does it mean the big programs bend the rules (a la corporations and tax codes) to win out for players against each other? Wall adeptly benefitted from his one season at Kentucky, I’d say, in any case.
[CBS Sports]

>> Still, It’s hard to get excited about John Wall summer pick-up video highlights. It’s not necessarily a knock against Wall — he just likes to get out and play. It’s more a result of a video camera being everywhere to produce pixels (I should know) … So the usual summer ball, and any life on film, becomes potential for web hits. I’m just saying, it’s hard to get excited about anything Wall does in the video and how it might translate to success on a real basketball court.

>> Maybe Wall highlights from Drew League action in Los Angeles are supposed to be better? Nope, not at all.
[Ball Is Life]

>> Again, Wall just likes to get out and play, to be around the game. You can’t argue with that which will always drive him. In the next video he has fun going back and forth with a high-schooler at the Reebok breakout camp.

>> There’s also this basketball back-and-forth: Wall is wearing a red Reebok shirt with No. 15 on the back, prospect Ricardo Ledo is wearing blue shorts; Jameer Nelson is also around.

>> John Wall is also proving things, like the fact that he is fast as he races, but loses, to Aries Merritt, Olympic gold medalist in the 110 meter hurdles.
[Ball Is Life]

>> Summer footage can be raw, but Wall is still playing the game… in front of grassroots fans. The campaign, however, is just a campaign, a mere meaningless prelude to the opportunity to show results.

>> Oh yea, the fun… Wall recently attended James Harden’s all white boat party.
[via beyond the buzzer] 

>> Here’s a picture of James Harden at said party:
[via Basketball Jones]

And then just check the @John_Wall Twitter account:

Keep growing up, John Wall, keep growing up, because the summer is for the kids… it will always be for the kids.

More Links…

>> Martell Webster’s deal with the Wizards is for one-year, $1.6 million, according to Sam Amick. This is more than the vet minimum, which means that the Wizards must’ve liked what they saw in Webster’s private workout enough to assign more sticktoitiveness to his arrival in Washington.
[Sports Illustrated]

>> The Wizards are ranked 31 in the NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL Uniform Power Rankings. Seems about right, I can’t argue with one team ranked ahead of them — the Wiz are ranked sixth in the NBA, BTW, behind the Celtics (10), Spurs (16), Lakers (18), Warriors (20), and Jazz (22).

>> Sex Talk is ‘Real Talk’ with Tony Gaskins at the NBA Rookie Transition Program. 

>> Bradford Dolittle is statistically predicting the Wizards to have the sixth best improvement in wins in the Eastern Conference after the Nets, Raptors, Cavaliers, Bobcats, and Pistons. Unfortunately, this means that the Wiz are only expected to win about three more games to push their projected 2012-13 win total to 30.2 (maybe the 0.2 is the last 10 minutes of a future fourth quarter that the Wizards will “win” in a loss). Either way, with stats or expert predictions, Washington is expected to be the third or fourth worst team in the East.
[ESPN Insider]

>> Kevin Seraphin likes snakes. I wonder if he listened to Adam Sandler’s, “They’re All Gonna Laugh At You!” growing up.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

>> Normally Lakers fans can be the worst, but what Jeff Weiss wrote about post-Dwight Lakers fandom is worth the read.
[The  Basketball Jones]

>> I think there is something more significant to a member of Al Qaeda saying “LeBron James is a very bad man,” than we all think. I think it means I’m tainted with apathy toward LeBron when Wizards followers were some of the first.
[Miami New Times]

>> Look out, League, JaVale McGee is going to be pulling the Hakeem ball fake a bunch of times next season. But, seriously, I bet his hook shot game will be drastically improved.

File Under: Of Course

>> DeShawn Stevenson doing things at some summer pro-am. Will he be doing this for the Atlanta Hawks next season?

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