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Pre-Season Jan Vesely: 'I wouldn't trade Washington for New York'

Updated: September 25, 2012

[Ed. Note: With the NBA basketball season just around the corner, TAI’s Czech correspondent, Lukas Kuba, provides an update/translation of a recent interview that Jan Vesely gave to —Kyle W.]

“Tutoring session on tie knots.” -@JanVesely24 via Instagram

After one NBA season of not being able to live together in the same city, Jan Vesely now lives in Washington, D.C. with his fiancee, Eva Kodouskova. When asked about their free time activities, he says that they usually go to a restaurant or one of the numerous Washington museums. Jan says that sometimes people recognize him on the street, but not very often. And what about going to movies? In D.C., Vesely says he went to see a movie just once because he’s not too impressed with the ‘American cinema system,’ where a person does not buy tickets for particular seats. “I came late and had to sit in a bad seat,” he says.

[Ed. Note: A recent tweet from Vesely indicated that he an Eva enjoyed a meal at Bistro Bohem, located on Florida Avenue near the U Street corridor. —KW] 

Just a couple of days before training camp is set to begin, Jan indicates that he’s ready. “I’m looking forward to experiencing the full 82 games in the regular season, how it all will be underway, and everything associated with it.” He added that the summer was very long and there was a lot of time without real competitive games. “So I look forward to the start of first preseason games. In the summer, I spent enough time improving my individual skills, like shooting or handling the ball. I tried to work on those. As a team, we’ll try to play the best basketball as possible and to win as much as we can.”

“Honza” also spent last weekend with friends in New York City. “I don’t like huge crowds of people, so I’m not much attracted by New York. I like Washington D.C. — it’s a European-like city because there are not skyscrapers. There aren’t many traffic jams, either. It’s such a quiet city. I wouldn’t trade Washington for New York.” Vesely claims he likes the support the team gets from fans in Washington, but “in the area, there are a lot of Celtics, Knicks and Heat fans, so in the games against these marquee teams sometimes we think we’re not a home team.”

[Ed. Note: Vesely also evidently found a way to attend the Madonna concert at the Verizon Center last Sunday, tweeting a picture from the warm-up show of Benny Benassi. Twitter queries in regard to Vesley’s favorite Madonna song went unanswered. My money is still on Vesely blasting “Ray of Light” on the way to work. —KW]

If the NHL has a lockout the whole season, will Vesely miss going to NHL games? “On the one hand it’s good that, thanks to the NHL lockout, there will be more fans going to the Wizards games,” he said jokingly. “Last year I experienced the same, and I don’t envy [the hockey players] in this situation,” he added more seriously.

Lukas Kuba