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ShareBullets: Will The Wizards Ever Go ALT?

Updated: September 24, 2012

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The San Antonio Spurs recently released some new, alternate jerseys, which you can find modelled above by Kawhi Leonard. Here is what the Internet thinks of them:

Rick Pych, president of business operations, Spurs Sports & Entertainment:

The new design simply features our iconic ‘spur’ logo and it is positioned over the heart as it has such enormously deep roots with our team, fans and the entire community. It’s the first-ever NBA jersey logo without any writing or peripheral design on the front of the jersey…

Kelly Dwyer, Ball Don’t Lie:

And they’re … well, they’re pretty simple. They’re cool, we like the gray and the throwback spur on the front that reminds of the team’s old ABA uniforms, but these are some simple duds. Borderline practice jerseys, if you will.

Andrew McNeill, 48 Minutes of Hell:

I do appreciate the novelty of not having the city or team name on the front and the team simply represented by a symbol. I also like the color, it’s a major improvement over the Silver Saturday jerseys of yesteryear. I’m also a fan of the SA logo on the shorts and the stripes running down each side. Basically, everything except the size and location of that Spur.

Trey Kerby, The Basketball Jones:

Not a huge fan, but they’re still better than the last time the Spurs tried something different. It’s cool that they went for something innovative, but sometimes that means you end up looking like you’re wearing practice/summer league jerseys or are a part of the Major League Baseball “Turn Ahead the Clock” promotion, and not in a good way. There’s a reason most teams don’t have just a logo on the front of their shirts, and that’s because there’s too much chest room for only a logo. […] Pretty soon all jerseys will just have a giant logo in the middle and ads all over the place. Can’t wait.

Me neither. But still, it got me thinking… What If…

Holy phallic symbols and color-change Wizards!

Yea, I don’t think the Wiz should be following this concept… Ever.

Even if the new “DC” logo was used. Just, no.

Moving on…


>> First, thanks to Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie for putting @Truth_About_It on its list of “Indispensable Twitter Must-Follows: Internet Hounds” — a few general NBA blog-sites are worth following, and Ball Don’t Lie is certainly one of them… definitely in the top three.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

>> So Brian Cook signed a “make-good” deal to join the Wizards in training camp. I feel like the “make-good” part of the task is akin to when they place a 25-pound hamburger in front of a guy and tell him to eat it in an hour. If he does, people will be friends with him and know his name. If he doesn’t finish the burger, he’s out of the NBA.
[Wizards Insider]

>> In addition to Cook, Steven Gray, Earl Barron, and Shavlik Randolph are your training camp bodies.

>> Thomas Pruitt breaks down a comparison of Bradley Beal’s freshman stats at Florida versus those of Joe Johnson, Michael Redd, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, Brandon Roy, Dwyane Wade, Rip Hamilton, and Vince Carter.

A couple assertions from the piece: that Beal struggles with creating offense for himself, and that he’s not as adept at creating for teammates (amongst those listed, Beal’s AST/36 rate was only better than Roy’s). Couple of considerations: getting to the free throw line is creating offense. Pruitt’s piece shows that Beal’s FTA/36 numbers compare to the average of the other All-Star guards (if you remove Iverson from the environment). But in terms of creating offense when the clock is running, yes, Beal must prove a more capable handle, and he needs more lift on his jumper (get in better shape!), or he could face some larger-than-normal bumps in the road as an NBA frosh. In terms of creating for others, Florida is a tough sample. With the Gators, Beal saw the court from a different angle than he will in the NBA, especially playing next to the 6-foot-2 Kenny Boynton and the 5-foot-8 Erving Walker, who both used a great deal of possessions themselves as Gators. In any case, the Beal kid is going to be OK.
[Bullets Forever]

>> Ted Leonsis pre-answers prior-to-being-asked questions for media day.
[Ted’s Take]

>> Trevor Booker seems to have quickly lost his jacket and tie at the 2nd Annual Casino Royale Scholarship Benefit. John Wall sees.

[via Beyond the Buzzer]

>> Former Wizard Hamady N’diaye will be found in Sacramento Kings training camp soon. Congrats and good luck.
[Cowbell Kingdom]

>> Former Wizards Yi Jianlian signed a deal with the Guandong Tigers of the CBA. Will he ever make it back to the NBA? I bet someone will give him another chance.

>> In case you missed it, this is a video feature on Bradley Beal from the NBA.

>> It’s kind of interesting what goes into the production of NBA games and all the surrounding bits of entertainment intended to keep the audiences captivated and shuffled between breaks in the basketball action. Entire teams of people are auditioned and conditioned to help keep the crowd’s attention during these slices of transitional distractions. The Wizards will have something called the “Power Pack” next season. Not much different from previous renditions of human energy cultivators hired to infiltrate the Verizon Center, but still, again, all apart of interesting ways teams have to wash over their customers in many more ways than the game itself.

>> File Under: Kinda Neat. When some New Orleans Hornets, including former Wizard Mike James, played the role of Harlem Globetrotters on the sidelines:

>> About the time Manute Bol started firing 3-point bombs for the post-Barkley Sixers.
[Ball Don’t Lie]

>> Ty Lawson on JaVale McGee:

“He’s going to erase that enigma, everything [sic] thinks he’s one of the dumbest people in the league but he’s not at all. I don’t think it’s true at all. With him playing, he’s going to prove a lot of people wrong.”

“Erase that enigma” evokes visions of JaVale in a middle school class room trying to scrub a huge question mark written on a chalkboard with a permanent market.

>> I don’t take too kindly to Segways. Sure, I get it. You want to be an asshole with another group of assholes cruising on the sidewalks to downtown D.C. Why not just walk, sometimes? Let’s call a spade a spade, Segways are for lazy bastards. (Although I do recognize them as an environmentally friendly alternative to cars.) (Although, isn’t that what bike is for?)

So, it’s with his lede that we present JaVale McGee riding a Segway through the streets of Denver with headphones on. Seems safe for an NBA player in a crazy athletic body signed to a multi-million dollar contract to do.

“I’m re-tweeting myself in my mind right now.”

[via Deadspin]

>> Where will JaVale McGee Segway next? The possibilities are endless.
[The Basketball Jones]

>> Never really been a fan of J.R. Smith. Nonetheless, Jonathan Abrams writes an interesting profile of Smith, which makes me wonder how the George Karl-JaVale McGee relationship will develop in Denver.

>> Deadspin’s ‘Worst in Sports Twitter’ post is worth the read. I particularly like the description for Frank Isola, Knicks beat writer for the NY Daily News:

As bitter as he is excitable. Declares games over after two minutes of the first quarter. Will not stop telling you about that time he saw James Dolan’s car.


>> Zach Harper wishes ‘good luck’ to Boston’s signing Darko. Next to Kevin Garnett, he could be the next best thing paired with Garnett, one can imagine.

>> Ending… John Wall & Wale at RGIII’s Redskins debut. I was there, too. They lost. Damn.

[via DC Sports Bog]

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