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Washington Wizards Media Day 2012 Is Upon Us, Almost

Updated: September 20, 2012

Washington Wizards Media Day 2012 will be on October 1, the team has announced. This is what it is like…

Media Day is like trying to herd cats who are also trying to herd other cats.

Media Day is like a speed dating session run by apathetic ex-lovers.

Media Day is like playing Jenga with cameras, pens, iPhones, and recording devices.

Media Day is like asking a guy how his summer went after he’s been asked how his summer went all summer.

Media Day is like the joy of typing exactly what spoken words have said. I believe doctors and scientists call it “transcribing.” Journalist-types call it that too.

Media Day is like preparing for a storm. Extra batteries? Check.

Media is like a buffet of all of your favorite food placed in separate corners of a large room and all revealed at once under the scramble of a timed feasting, else you don’t know when you might be able to eat again. And you haven’t eaten in about a week. And there are bunch of others in the room in the same situation.

Media Day is like feeding time at the shark tank. Except the rations are ‘Hey, do you think you can make the playoffs?’ and the sharks are microphones.

Media Day is goofiness and attention shed upon millionaires.

Media Day is digging for buried treasure.

Media Day is for aspirations that are mostly quickly forgotten in an immediate world.

Media Day is a chance for most NBA players to pretend they are a runway model.

Media Day is where words like “challenge” and “process” go through the process of rising to the challenge.

Media Day is for clown questions.

Media Day is for clown answers.

Media Day is where both coach-speak and coach-talk co-exist and sometimes masquerade as each other.

Media Day is a pain in the ass, for some.

Media Day is a circus of players playing dress-up in their new uniforms.

Media Day like is a cliché wrapped inside of an enigma wrapped inside of a riddle wrapped inside of another cliché.

Media Day is a rush of fun and new, auspicious information.

Media Day… is upon us, almost.

Sights from media days past…

And of course, there’s this musical/pictorial/video thing from 2010 Media Day and Midnight Madness…

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