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LeBron, Romney & GIFs

Updated: October 25, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if LeBron James’ spirit animal is Mitt Romney. I’m not quite sure what this means — and not to get all ‘political’ — but just bare with me. Romney was born into a rich family, and LeBron was born rich with physical gifts that the NBA has never seen before. Both, I’m sure, had to work hard to get to where they are. Both, I have seen, are capable of having emotional expressions on their face which appear obsessively calculated and robotic. (But who doesn’t have silly expressions on their face sometimes?)

What it boils down to is this: Can you see a young “Glove” Romney having all the fun in the world with a dollar bill, a fishing lure, and an inner city street near a homeless shelter? Certainly. And perhaps that’s the visual elicited from the below LeBron GIF-ery performed against the Wizards last night. Let’s watch…

Wait, what just happened? Let’s watch from another angle…

So, in early transition offense, LeBron, guarded by Trevor Ariza, surveys the floor. Shane Battier, a shooter, soon comes into the picture and goes behind LeBron toward the corner; Trevor Booker is trailing him. Now, what Ariza does in switching off to Battier makes sense to me, as Booker has obstacles in his way. With the proper communication, Ariza switches to Battier and Booker picks up LeBron. But, clearly, communication was not part of this action. Both Ariza and Booker go to cover Battier as LeBron toys with them, baiting them with the lure of the basketball as he goes back-to-front and in-between his legs, causing confusion on the part of the defense and a wide open lane. The two Trevors are chasing the same moving dollar bill on the sidewalk, if you will. The scene ends when Emeka Okafor fouls LeBron before major damage can be done. Blame both Ariza and Booker equally for the mishap.

And what would Mitt Romney say about all of this? Probably “oopsy-daisy” or something of that nature.

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