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It's Only Three Games, Wizards (Yea, but Check the Stats)

Updated: November 8, 2012

photo: K. Weidie

One game has turned to two games has turned to three games, and the Washington Wizards have lost them all. But you can take the losses, right Wiz fans? We’re at 266 L’s and counting over the last five-plus seasons, so I’m betting you can.

There are, however, encouraging signs, in pockets. But I’m not here to sell you magic beans of what such encouragement can sprout, just that they won’t be hot pockets (Andray Blatche/WizzNutzz reference). This Wizards team is devoid of young knuckleheads, and that is refreshing.

“We are very tough to play against,” writes Ted Leonsis on his blog. True. Although, worth noting that two hard-fought games between Washington and Boston, with Boston narrowly winning both, is probably more of an indictment of the Celtics than an endorsement of Wizards promise.

But let’s not focus on encouragement and promise. Decent performances from a couple Wiz Kids need to be built upon before the potential is elevated too much. It’s nonetheless nice that Kevin Seraphin, Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely, the relatively young Martell Webster, and Jordan Crawford have displayed some good episodes in certain instances.

No, let’s concentrate on the negative, since the negative is pretty much why the team is losing games. And the most glaring negatives? Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor, obviously. TAI covered these veteran basketball skid-marks prior to Wednesday night’s Celtics game; now, I suggest you read what Mike Prada wrote about them today at Bullets Forever.

Randy Wittman indicated on Monday that he wouldn’t be changing his starting lineup all willy-nilly, but three games is now a trend. The coach has shown the ability to go with who’s playing well down the stretch, while leaving millions of dollars in veteran contracts to watch from the bench. So what’s his next move?

We will see. Until then, let’s check the lineup stats:

#1) Wizards Starters:

A.J. Price, Bradley Beal, Trevor Ariza, Trevor Booker, and Emeka Okafor

3 games; 39 total minutes; 29% on FGs; plus/minus of minus-32.3 per 48 minutes
(total of minus-26 in 39 minutes).

#2) Second Most-Used 5-Man Unit:

Jannero Pargo, Jordan Crawford, Martell Webster, Jan Vesely, and Kevin Seraphin

2 games; 18 minutes; 41.2% on FGs; plus/minus of minus-8 per 48 minutes
(total of minus-3 in 18 minutes).

#3) Third Most-Used 5-Man Unit:

A.J. Price, Bradley Beal, Martell Webster, Chris Singleton, and Kevin Seraphin

1 games; 12 minutes; 45.8% FGs; plus/minus of plus-15.7 per 48 minutes
(total of plus-4 in 12 minutes).

#4) Fourth Most-Used 5-Man Unit:

A.J. Price, Jordan Crawford, Martell Webster, Jan Vesely, and Kevin Seraphin

1 game; 8 minutes; 60% FGs; plus/minus of plus-43.1 per 48 minutes
(total of plus-7 in 8 minutes).

#5) Fifth Most-Used 5-Man Unit:

Jannero Pargo, Jordan Crawford, Martell Webster, Chris Singleton, and Earl Barron

1 games; 6 minutes; 60% FGs; plus/minus of plus-72 per 48 minutes
(total of plus-9 in 6 minutes).

Worst Two-Man Lineups:

  1. Ariza – Beal: 54 minutes, minus-38
  2. Ariza – Booker: 44 minutes, minus-34
  3. Booker – Price: 57 minutes, minus-34
  4. Booker – Okafor: 41 minutes, minus-32
  5. Beal – Okafor: 44 minutes, minus-27
  6. Price – Okafor: 50 minutes, minus-26
  7. Ariza – Price: 55 minutes, minus-25
  8. Beal – Price: 70 minutes, minus-23
  9. Beal – Booker: 52 minutes, minus-22
  10. Ariza – Okafor: 48 minutes, minus-22

Best Two-Man Lineups:

  1. Singleton – Webster: 40 minutes, plus-18
  2. Price – Seraphin: 30 minutes, plus-13
  3. Pargo – Singleton: 17 minutes, plus-10
  4. Seraphin – Webster: 52 minutes, plus-9
  5. Barron – Pargo: 10 minutes, plus-9
  6. Price – Webster: 39 minutes, plus-8
  7. Crawford – Price: 24 minutes, plus-8
  8. Price – Singleton: 23 minutes, plus-8
  9. Beal – Webster: 26 minutes, plus-7
  10. Price – Vesely: 26 minutes, plus-7
To end, it’s worth highlighting that Brad Beal has played 54 minutes with Trevor Ariza to the tune of minus-38; he’s played 26 minutes with Martell Webster to the tune of plus-7.
[source: NBA/stats]
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