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DC Council Game 25: Wizards 87 vs Pistons 96: A 3-22 Steezmas

Updated: December 25, 2012

[D.C. Council: setting the scene, rating the starters, assessing the subs, providing the analysis, and catching anything that you may have missed. Unlike the real DC Council, everything here is on the table. Game No. 25, Washington Wizards vs Detroit Pistons; contributor: Kyle Weidie, who covered the game from the Verizon Center.]

The Bill: Washington Wizards DC Council

Last Steezmas.

This Steezmas.

Washington Wizards 87 vs Detroit Pistons 96 [box score]

MVP: A Charlie Villanueva who most haven’t seen for years was able to surface against the Wizards with 19 points and seven rebounds in just 22 minutes off the bench. The Wizards (Jan Vesely) even allowed Rodney Stuckey to throw a lob right over their heads to Charlie V. for a dunk, truly sealing a disgraceful game for Washington.

Stat of the Game: The Pistons shot poorly (40.9%), but the Wizards shot worse (37.7%). NBA teams have shot below 38 percent 97 times this season. Wanna guess how many of those futile shooting efforts belong to the Wizards? The answer is 10. The next closest team is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have shot below 38 percent on seven occasions this season.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

Key Legislature: Washington Wizards DC Council

Over in the beginning.

With Nene in the starting lineup for the first time this season, and with Bradley Beal returning from a bad back, the Wizards fielded a starting five of those two with Jordan Crawford, Martell Webster and Emeka Okafor. Right now, this is the best the Wizards got, and after a butt-whipping in Detroit on Friday, one would figure that this crew would be focused and motivated against the Pistons at home on Saturday. One would figure…

Nene missed a baseline jumper and a 5-foot bunny within the first minute. So other Wizards started missing, and then Nene missed some more. The confidence was sucked from their hearts before they even realized it. With a minute and a half left in the first quarter, Washington had only managed six points — a bucket by Nene, and a bucket and two free throws by Okafor. In the last 90 seconds Cartier Martin scored five points and Jan Vesely, of all people, made both chances at the free throw line. The Wizards finished the first quarter with 13 points to Detroit’s 22, and after that, it was pretty much over. Washington did scrap to out-score the Pistons by 10 points in the second half, but it didn’t matter in the end.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

Council Members: Washington Wizards DC Council

Rating five Wizards starters & two key subs on a three-star scale.

Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford went 11-for-12 from the free throw line, the 11 makes being a career-high. The proof is in the pudding that the third-year kiddo is working hard, but his hard work isn’t always applied in the best sense. Crawford is not really a first-option type of player, so when he’s put into a first-option role, and when he’s also given point guard duties, and when there’s not much else around him, the Wizards are certainly going to be the terrible team that they appear to be. Crawford only shot 4-for-13 from the field and 2-for-8 from deep against the Pistons on Saturday, but with those 11 free-throws, 21 points on 13 shots doesn’t look that bad. He also chipped in six assists, three turnovers and three steals

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

1 out of 3 stars

Bradley Beal
Playing with a back still sore from Josh Smith’s monster block (which caused him to miss two games), Beal struggled out the gate, missing his first five shots against the Pistons. Around two minutes into the second quarter, he finally got on the board, splashing a long two out of a set play. Beal then scored the next six points for the Wizards, but no matter, they were still down 41-26. The rookie loosened up further in the third quarter, going 3-for-5 on field goals as the scrappy Wizards out-scored Detroit 29-20 in the period. After the 0-5 start, Beal hit seven of his next 10 shots to bring his total to 14 points, four assists and five rebounds after three quarters. But, in the fourth quarter, when his 10:50 of court action was more than any other Wizard, Beal missed both of his shot attempts and didn’t add anything else to his stat line other than a personal foul. In fourth quarters on the season, Beal’s eFG% of 41.3 dips to 33.5 percent. Welcome to the league, rookie. Probably time to get in better shape and stop tweeting about being hungry so you can be relevant at the end of games.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

1.5 out of 3 stars

Martell Webster
Martell Webster is still out there doing all the little things, or at least trying to do them. But, if these Wizards expect to compete, they’ll need better than a 1-for-6 effort from the field out of Webster. The one shot he hit was a nice baseline drive by Kyle Singler in the third quarter. Otherwise, in his 29 minutes of action, Webster added five rebounds and two assists. He also led the Wizards in plus/minus with a plus-7, for what that’s worth.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

1 out of 3 stars

Nene’s season-long, 2012-13 training camp continues. On this night, after missing Friday’s game with a sore foot/the sniffles, Nene got in 26 minutes of game-time practice on Saturday. In doing so, he went 2-for-8 from the field and managed to miss a ton of close attempts in the paint that he managed to make look tougher with his contorting ways. As a true good player does, Nene found other ways to impact the game, going 6-for-6 on free throws with seven rebounds and five assists. He was also one of only two Wizards with a positive plus/minus, plus-4. At this point, I’m not sure if Nene playing is helping his perpetual injury or if it is hurting it. The season doesn’t matter at this point, but Nene’s health in the future certainly does. So, likely expect monitored minutes and occasional games off from here on out. Continued embarrassment? To be determined.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

1.5 out of 3 stars

Emeka Okafor
Emeka Okafor had a pretty damn good game for a 3-22 team. In 29 minutes starting next to Nene, Okafor put up 14 points (5-9 FGs), 14 rebounds, a steal, a couple blocks, and four turnovers. So, playing alongside another legitimate big man really makes a difference with Okafor; although, the duo only spent 15 minutes on the court together to the tune of a flat zero in plus/minus. Otherwise, in the first quarter, Okafor missed a give-and-go attempt in transition, and then he missed a point-blank shot, eliciting boos from the sparse Verizon Center crowd. In the second quarter, Detroit’s Greg Monroe out-manned Okafor a couple times with confidence. Emeka did hit a couple jumpers early in the third, but again, we’re talking about a 14 point, 14 rebound effort on a 3-22 team.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

1.5 out of 3 stars

Cartier Martin
When the Wizards brought back Cartier Martin in the offseason, it was a feel-good moment, even though people realized the likelihood of him being relegated to the end of the bench on most nights. Instead, Martin is the Wizards’ best shooter, gunning a team-leading eFG% of .522, besting Nene’s .515. Worth noting that Martin is ranked 10th on the team in minutes — for all the good shooting, he can be a spacey, sub-par defender. On this night against Detroit, Cartier contributed 10 points (4-9 FGs, 2-5 3Ps) in almost 22 minutes off the bench. But all those points came in 13 first half minutes, Cartier did nothing in the second half as the Wizards tried, in vain, to come back.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

1.5 out of 3 stars

Jan Vesely
Honza Vesely — get this — actually made two free throws in a row against Detroit, the first time he’s done so in a game since April 4, 2012 against the Milwaukee Bucks. Making those two FTs on Saturday propelled Vesely’s previous .176 percentage from the charity stripe to .263. IMPROVEMENT! Otherwise, Vesely got a dunk, four rebounds, and committed only one personal foul in just under 12 minutes of play. He also was made to look like a fool on defense a couple times by the likes of Charlie Villanueva. For a second-year NBA player, Vesely is both very weak physically and mentally. But, with 57 games left on a team that won’t be competing for the playoffs, I’m sure he’ll get more chances to improve.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

0.5 out of 3 stars

The Mayor: Washington Wizards DC Council


The Wizards are a lost team, and Randy Wittman is close to losing his players. No one will admit it, but the signs are there. And while, yes, I did recently write about the locker room being relatively cohesive, at least in comparison to past Wizards teams, it’s against human nature for players to stay with the program when the hard work they believe they are putting in is never rewarded with victory. Plus, per NBA.com’s David Aldridge, some anonymous Wizard is saying:

“It’s like there’s a cancer in here.”

It makes me wonder how they keep from going under.

During Wizards timeouts on Saturday night, while the coaching staff discussed strategy before talking to the players, the guys on the bench sat mostly silent. Normally, it seems like players communicate amongst themselves during this time, talk about what they see in the game, help each other out, etc. It didn’t happen on multiple occasions on this night. Relative silence amongst the seated players, relative silence amongst the standing players, both in warm-ups and suited. There was only mild chatter, at least from a distance, indicating that the Wizards are just going through the motions or that they simply don’t care.

It seems that sometimes Randy Wittman can barely watch as he paces the sidelines with his slow, sauntering limp after ineffective plays from his team, looking up to the rafters, looking somewhere for help. When he has to make a substitution, the coach gazes reluctantly at this bench. What are his choices and do they even matter? More and more, the Wizards, and their coach, give off the air that they’d just assume not be associated with this forsaken franchise.

“A bowl of pasta doesn’t taste worth a crap right now,” said Wittman after his team started 0-9. Gosh, in that case, bet that holiday dinner is going to taste like shit.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

Adjourned: Washington Wizards DC Council

Question posed to Twitter:

If you had to move this very version of the Wizards to a city/area as crappy as the product, where would that God-forsaken place be?


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