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Do the Wizards Really Want DeMarcus Cousins? Can They Get Him? It's Possible

Updated: December 30, 2012

Do the Wizards really want DeMarcus Cousins?

That’s the question I keep asking myself, continuing in circles without much of an answer.

Can the Wizards even get DeMarcus Cousins? Perhaps.

Today, there’s this nugget in an article by USA Today’s Sam Amick:

While Cousins has insisted publicly that he does not want to be traded, his story has been different privately. The recent hiring of influential agent Dan Fegan has led to the widespread assumption within the organization that Cousins will eventually demand a trade. Specifically, two people close to the situation who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation said a trade to the Washington Wizards would be considered ideal for Cousins and Fegan because Cousins could rejoin former Kentucky teammate and fellow Fegan client, point guard John Wall. The Wizards, who are known to have expressed recent interest in Cousins, have been told by the Kings that they have no intention of trading him.

Amick’s article also outlines strife within the Kings organization about how to deal with Cousins. Ownership — the bumbling, stumbling Maloof brothers — is sending one message, that they want to keep Cousins and his reoccurring attitude problems. Coach Keith Smart seems to want to deal with Cousins in a different manner: discipline. General manager Geoff Petrie is being rendered an uninvolved party and is perhaps on his way to retirement.

But before the Wizards travel down that road, they need to look in the mirror and answer some questions.

Can a franchise that just got rid of Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee afford to risk its future on another … character? Cousins is no Andray Blatche, that’s for sure. In fact, he’s quite the opposite, but not necessarily in a good way. Unlike Blatche, Cousins has passion and can be a bruising force near the rim. And presumably, Cousins doesn’t have a headful of feathers like McGee, but rather one filled with buzzers, flashing red lights, and a mini-Lou Ferrigno.

What about Cousins’ relationship with John Wall? Is that the magic elixir? To reunite college teammates and friends?

What about Randy Wittman? Can he coach DeMarcus Cousins? Can any coach coach Cousins? Team owner Ted Leonsis seems to have a soft spot for fixing frayed humanity, and Cousins could be another pet project who could pay huge dividends. Still, the Wizards franchise can barely be trusted with their own, non-hot-headed players. Can they, with factors in their favor — Wall, a compassionate owner, and agent Dan Fegan — overcome the stigmas all around?

Speaking of Fegan, if anyone can force a trade of Cousins to a desired destination while selling shit to a toilet bowl, it’s him.

The circles continue. Question marks galore.

Kings blogger Jonathan Santiago of Cowbell Kingdom emailed me this trade proposal:

Washington Wizards get: DeMarcus Cousins and Aaron Brooks
Sacramento Kings get: Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter
Utah Jazz get: Bradley Beal and Jan Vesely

Before I could respond, Santiago followed up with this slightly tweaked trade:

Wizards get: DeMarcus Cousins, Travis Outlaw and Isaiah Thomas
Kings get: Gordon Hayward and Enes Kanter
Jazz get: Bradley Beal and Jan Vesely

My gut says no to both. Although the Wizards would be on the presumed to be ideal side of a “you don’t trade big for small” deal, the factor of the personalities involved is overwhelming. Plus, just because the 19-year old Bradley Beal has proven that his jumper can’t hit the side of a barn more often than not doesn’t mean that the Wizards should give up on him. The kid has a long way to go.

The only idea I could muster is Kevin Seraphin, Trevor Booker (or Chris Singleton) and Washington’s 2013 first round pick for Cousins. But, although the Kings seem to be in damage control over their increasing desperation to ship Cousins out of town, I’m not sure that offer gets Sacramento to bite, especially when other teams could offer more. Then again, Washington’s first rounder will almost certainly be a high lottery pick (again).

So what would you do?


Until next time.

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  • Nich

    If we can get Cousins without giving up Beal AND an unprotected pick, you have to roll those dice,
    If Cousins flames out here, he is still tradeable. Teams like San Antonio, Dallas, Boston, know that he’d be worth a shot for the last year of his rookie deal. We’d be upgrading, no doubt about it.
    Do we have the nuts to say screw this no knucklehead policy, this is our 2nd chance to add a potential superstar and we need to take this one? Guess it depends. IMO, Sac would prefer the pick over Beal. Would I prefer Cousins to the best player in this draft? Absolutely

  • pat kiernan

    ‘ve had enough of the knuckleheads. Just got rid of them. No mas, no mas.
    Besides, they say this guy isn’t so much a knucklehead as retarded, like an 80 IQ. You can’t fix, nor coach that away.

  • Blue

    I’m sorry but I’ve seen it happen too many times for me to shrug my shoulders and pretend it doesn’t exist – The Curse O’ Les Boulez

    Mark my words…Cousins in DC will be a disaster.

  • What did Flip Saunders say?

    “Don’t ever think it can’t get any worse, because it can.” That’s what would happen if DMC came to DC

  • nich

    We’re 3-500 or something this year. You could add John Wall to a healthy roster (And hope that Seraphin, Vesely, Singleton and Booker don’t continue to regress mightily the way they have this year, albeit in limited minutes for Booker)- anyway, add John Wall, and say our draft pick is Shabazz and he’s decent like 14 points, 4 boards, 3 assists, 43% shooting (aka: better than anyone on our team not named Nene) – we’re still not a .500 team because we’re still a horrible shooting team. And no matter how well we play the rest of the game, we’re hamstrung from being able to shoot.

    My point is this. This roster is going nowhere. Demarcus Cousins doesn’t require a long term commitment yet. We wait another year, and we’re handing out $8 mil per year deals to guys like Seraphin & Crawford and Maxing out Wall and basically ensuring that we’re terrible for another 5 years unless we get the next LeBron/Durant level guy in the draft.

    If we can somehow get Cousins, he is automatically our best asset. We only have 3 assets who can bring back a starting quality player right now: Wall, Beal, our #1 pick. Next year, Okafor & Ariza’s contracts will add to that list of solid assets.

    IMO, right now is the time to try and consolidate. We need a major overhaul. Going into 2013-2014 with the *only* big under 24 who looks like he’ll be a 20&10 guy & John Wall as a possible package deal, as well as $20 mil in expirings would give us massive amounts of options. And if Sac values Beal and we can keep our #1 pick? We’re in an amazing place for a rebuilding team.

  • KYFan

    What about a trade that looks like this:

    Wiz get:
    DeMarcus Cousins
    Chuck Hayes

    Kings get:
    Bradley Beal
    Kevin Seraphin
    Martell Webster

    I realize it’s not a typical trade, and in the end it seems mostly to be a dump by the Kings, but if they think Cousins can’t fit in their system it could work. It worked in the ESPN trade machine, so I think the money matches.

    I feel it works out for the Wizards because they get Cousins without a long-term commitment and only give up Beal and some role players. The Kings might take it because they get possible upside in Beal plus a salary dump.

    I realize this mostly makes sense only if Sactown is at wit’s end with Cousins, but as a Kentucky fan it would be cool to see Wall and Cousins back together, and how is it not fun to say DC’s in DC?

  • Stephen

    I’ve thought about this a lot, getting Cousins. I’d think the Wizards would have to trade Emeka, Booker, or Seraphin plus others and the first round pick. Demarcus shows a lot of talent but does have attitude problems. The media overblown him though, he’s not a terrible person and LOVES playing with John Wall, but I like the core the wiz have now. With this full wizards roster healthy I think they can make a run maybe this season, but definitely next year if healthy.