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Silver Linings Playbook: Three Positives for the Wizards

Updated: December 22, 2012

Wizards super-fans arrive early to see the team for themselves (photo credit: @ddiamond)

It’s a dark, quiet night in the District. Congress is gone, the Wizards are back, and another NBA season is rapidly going off the rails.

The more things change…

Making tonight an especially sullen evening: The Wizards are coming off one of their worst losses of the past five years … and less than 24 hours later, they’re about to run it back against the same team.

Covering tonight’s game from the Verizon Center is TAI’s reigning optimist (Kyle) and pessimist (me). But harping on the ever-present negatives with the team isn’t much fun, especially the day after a 32-point blowout. So in hopes of catching some of Kyle’s positive pixels, here’s a silver-lining-only preview of tonight’s monster mash:

  • If the Wizards (3-21) win their next five games, they’ll have the same record as the Pistons (8-21). (Note: The Wizards have won five games in a row just twice in the past five seasons.)
  • The last time the Wizards and Pistons played in a back-to-back (January 14, and January 15, 2000), the Wizards lost by fewer points in the second night.
  • No one beats the Wiz … at having the best odds to win the NBA Draft Lottery. Cody Zeller, any early thoughts on the DMV?

Andre Drummond is ready, we think. – Photo: K. Weidie

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