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DC Council Game 30: Wizards 81 at Pacers 89: Easily Resistible Farce Meets Immovable Object

Updated: January 3, 2013

[D.C. Council: setting the scene, rating the starters, assessing the subs, providing the analysis, and catching anything that you may have missed. Unlike the real DC Council, everything here is on the table. Game No. 30, Washington Wizards vs Pacers in Indiana; contributor: John Converse Townsend and Kyle Weidie from behind the television screen.]

The Bill: Washington Wizards DC Council

Watch a man with two first names whoop Washington’s behind:

Washington Wizards 81 at Indiana Pacers 89 [box score]

MVP: Jordan Crawford: 20 points, 7-for-15 shooting, seven assists, four turnovers—seems like a pretty typical night for Steez Buscemi.

Stat of the Game: In the pregame post, I claimed that the Wizards were a different team than the one which shot a putrid 5-for-7 from the free throw line in their fifth game of the season, a loss to the Pacers. But there I was, watching the Wizards after three quarters with only a charity stripe output of 5-for-6. Jordan Crawford picked up 3-for-4 from the line in the fourth quarter, pushing Washington’s total to 8-for-10 on the night (Crawford himself going 5-for-7 on free throws and Nene going 3-for-3). Nary an attempt from any other Wizard.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

Key Legislature: Washington Wizards DC Council

Turnovers (not talking about the roster)

For the third consecutive game, the Wizards committed more turnovers than their opponent. Washington finished the game with 19 giveaways (which resulted in 18 Pacers points), while Indy finished with 16 turnovers (for 15 Wizards points). This season, the Wiz are just 1-14 when they have more turnovers than an opponent (they’re 3-10 when they have fewer).

It would be easy to blame youth and inexperience—someone is surely pointing the finger at Garrett Temple and Shelvin Mack—but neither fits the bill as the culprit. No, it’s Nene. Nene commits more turnovers per 36 minutes (a team-high 3.5) than Jordan Crawford (3.1) or Kevin Seraphin (2.8). This terrible trio “led the way” in turnovers again last night: Nene had five turnovers and they combined for 12 of the Wizards’ 19 turnovers.

You can’t play that way against the best defense in the NBA. Not if you expect to win.

—John Converse Townsend (@JohnCTownsend)

Council Members: Washington Wizards DC Council

Rating five Wizards starters & two key subs on a three-star scale.

Garrett Temple
Coursing, for those unfamiliar, is a game of pursuit between hunter and prey, often featuring greyhounds and hares. In Indiana, the 6-foot-6 Garrett Temple was Wittman’s hound, matched up against Frank Vogel’s hare, the fleet-footed D.J. Augustin. Anyone who put their money on the Wizard went home disappointed, as Augustin routinely beat Temple to the spot—any and every spot. The Pacers’ point guard got away with 18 points, six assists, four rebounds, and one steal. The Wizards’ starter played unselfish ball, finishing with seven assists, but was held scoreless. Sometimes, the prey gets away…

—John Converse Townsend (@JohnCTownsend)

1 out of 3 stars

Bradley Beal
Bradley Beal had little trouble freeing himself from Lance Stephenson with off-ball screens, but that doesn’t mean that things went the rookie’s way. He finished the game with three assists, two rebounds, and scored 14 points on 15 shots, finding the back iron more often than the bottom of the net, especially on layups. Yeah, there were plenty of million-dollar moves followed by 10-cent shots on this night, but Beal went home with something to hang his hat on: He was named the NBA’s Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month, averaging 13.4 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.4 assists in December.

—John Converse Townsend (@JohnCTownsend)

1.5 out of 3 stars

Martell Webster
Webster had a team-worst minus-15 plus/minus in the first quarter. The Pacers’ length kept Webster off balance and, on defense, he allowed Roy Hibbert and Paul George to scoot by him on cuts. Then, there was this bit of action, where he was caught on the wrong side of a two-on-one fastbreak alley-oop:

On the ensuing possession, Webster made a great cut into the paint to make himself available for second-chance points, but he bobbled the ball out of bounds for a turnover. Informal studies have proven that type of stuff to be the leading cause of early-onset #WittmanFace (see below). Webster spent the fourth quarter on the bench, finishing the game minus-14, scoreless, and with just two assists, one steal and one turnover.

John Converse Townsend (@JohnCTownsend)

0 out of 3 stars

Maybe the Nuggets miss Nene. I bet they do, even in his current, limited capacity (you know, with JaVale McGee only intelligent enough to play 20 minutes a game anyway). Then again, maybe Nene will become of more solid pillar for the duration of his massive contract in D.C. Who knows? (I know the Wizards don’t miss JaVale, so there’s that.)Otherwise, what we do know is that the Wizards aren’t good enough to fully utilize Nene’s superior skills in the area of plus/minus, and that Nene is not healthy enough (might never be) to consistently finish at the rim like a big man should. Against Indiana, he put up 15 points (6-for-13 FGs), six rebounds, and five turnovers. Nene is shooting 67.2 percent at the rim this season, which is a career-low aside from his rookie season in 2003-04 and in 2007-08 when he played just 16 games.

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

1.5 out of 3 stars

Emeka Okafor
In the third quarter, Okafor showed some of that veteran savvy—only available for a limited time!—that people raved about when he was brought in from the Big Easy, finding space in the pick-and-roll for both of his buckets on the night. He spent the rest of his 22 minutes trying his best to move the massive Hibbert away from the basket. It didn’t always work, but he still finished with nine rebounds, and, when he couldn’t grab the board, he did a nice job slapping the ball toward the perimeter like he was Tyson Chandler. This guy was alright.

John Converse Townsend (@JohnCTownsend)

1 out of 3 stars

Jordan Crawford
You heard right. Chris Singleton is still on the Wizards. The proof? His 15 minutes of road run against the Pacers, his first significant action since the first of two losses to Detroit last December. He looked capable. And he out-scrapped Tyler Hansbrough, a feat deserving of points … but since it’s not, Singleton ended up with four (on two short jumpers), five rebounds, and somehow got credited with a steal.

John Converse Townsend (@JohnCTownsend)

1 out of 3 stars

Shelvin Mack
Jan Vesely played, too. Four minutes, two offensive boards (he’s the third-best offensive rebounder on the team, behind Emeka Okafor and Trevor Booker) and two personal fouls … but he was plus-1 in the plus/minus category. Also, TAI’s Czech correspondent, Lukas Kuba, tweeted this nugget:

Gregg Popovich talking about Jan Vesely? “I won’t mention the team, but a team we played this season… there was a foreign kid on there and the kid was open all the time. He was out there wondering, ‘What the…? I can’t get the ball?’ You’d see that look on his face five times during the game.”


John Converse Townsend (@JohnCTownsend)

1 out of 3 stars

The Mayor: Washington Wizards DC Council

Trust me.

Lowered (or destroyed) expectations can be a more comfortable place, but that doesn’t mean the coach likes it. He has to hate it, still … the losing. You can clearly see it in his #WittmanFace.

Against Indiana, the coach found his starters to be untrustworthy, highlighting the problem management has dealt to him: Wittman doesn’t know who he can trust, and when. But it’s his job to find out. (How much the coach is to be blamed for the currently waning player development: TBD.)

Starters Garrett Temple, Bradley Beal, Martell Webster, Nene and Emeka Okafor spent 13 minutes together on the floor in Indiana and bottomed-out with a minus-10 in plus/minus. The coach’s second most-used lineup: 11 minutes of Shelvin Mack, Jordan Crawford, Cartier Martin, Chris Singleton and Kevin Seraphin played to the tune of plus-7 in plus/minus.

So who can the coach trust?

—Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It)

Adjourned: Washington Wizards DC Council

Euro Steez.

[GIF via K. Weidie]

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