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Jan Vesely, Schnitzel, Pea Soup, Potato Salad & The Awakening

Updated: January 4, 2013

[Jan Vesely is holding himself hostage; he needs an awakening. — via K. Weidie]

[Editor’s Note: The last time we took an in-depth look at Jan “Honza” Vesely, he was fighting that dragon. Today, he continues to fight. Did you know that he actually started four games earlier this year? He sure did. More recently, Vesely played for at least 20 minutes in three straight games from December 21 to 26 (totals: 14 points, 12 fouls, 11 rebounds); since, he’s seen 32 total minutes over the last four games (totals: 4 points, 5 fouls, 9 rebounds). After taking some lumps against Dirk Nowitzki in 16 minutes of action on New Year’s Day, Vesely only played four minutes (all in the first quarter) against the Pacers in Indiana on Wednesday.

“He has to play better,” is all team president Ernie Grunfeld could muster about his 2011 sixth overall pick in a recent interview with NBA.com’s David Aldridge. Quite the understatement from the much-maligned leader of basketball operations. Jan Vesely needs to do more than “play better,” he needs an awakening. Maybe schnitzel, pea soup and potato salad from auntie will help.

Below, find a translation by TAI’s Lukas Kuba of a recent interview Vesely gave to a Czech outlet, as well as video of Randy Wittman discussing his young, fragile player. —Kyle Weidie]

I’m still getting used to the NBA, it’s not good, says a worried Jan Vesely

[via rozhlas.cz, translated by Lukas Kuba]

Vesely Quotes:

“The team’s performance was good [vs. the Bulls], just at the end of the game we had a problem concentrating on how to finish the shots right. There’s not much to criticize us on the defensive end, but our offense wasn’t good, the shooting efficiency was worse.

“The atmosphere here is definitely not ideal, but we always try to forget the previous loss and just move on. We are not very successful at that, but what can you do? We gotta move on to the next one and play another game.

“The pressure here is on everybody—on players, on the head coach, on the front office. I wouldn’t want to comment on this any more, but everyone on the team is a part of the team, and we don’t know what can happen. It’s tough, I’m still getting used to my role on the team and in the NBA, I’m fighting with that. I don’t know what my position is now, but when I get a chance to play, I try to leave it all on the court. But I still have to practice hard a lot in order to get into it.

“The team is still not complete, there’s always somebody who’s injured or is day-to-day with an injury, which holds us back. Thus we don’t have a set rotation, when someone has to alternate for a teammate, it’s more difficult.”

Czech Christmas in D.C.: “My aunt came to D.C. to visit me for Christmas, we cooked ourselves schnitzel with potato salad and pea soup, we had a Czech Christmas.”

Jan’s New Year’s wish: “To win more games in order to pick ourselves [the team] up.”

Witt on Jan (sorta):

Lukas Kuba