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NBA Slam Dunk Contest Candidates: "Who Gots Some Stuff With 'Em?"

Updated: February 7, 2013

DeAndre Jordan is a high flyer and an integral member of the Clippers’ “Lob City.”

The seven-foot center’s offensive game is mostly limited to impressive dunks—he’s racked up up 104 of them on the season. His total ranks him fourth in the NBA.

During L.A.’s loss to Wizards on Monday night, Jordan gobbled up a career-high 22 rebounds, but only scored seven points on three made field goals. Of course, all three were slams—some more violent than others.

The field for the 2013 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest at All-Star Weekend in Houston has not yet been set. I asked DeAndre Jordan if he would like to be in it.

“Maybe. I am not really focused on that right now. I just want to get some wins. But I think it would be fun if I was in it, yeah.”

Jordan begins his answer with an air of diplomacy, then his tune subtly shifts. He totally wants to be picked.

With recent success of Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee in the event, the anti-big man stigma surrounding the dunk contest has subsided. Jordan would definitely be fun to watch. My colleague John Converse Townsend agrees, advocating for Jordan’s entry in this ESPN 5-on-5.

Townsend: Lob City’s DeAndre Jordan. Anybody that says big men don’t look good dunking has never seen this Clippers center play ball. He’s already dunked it more than 100 times this season, and I bet half of those jams made the highlight reel. Just throw it up and D.J. will throw it down—hard.

Jordan listed the top dunkers he would like to see in Houston, Texas: Eric Bledsoe, Terrence Ross, James White, Blake Griffin, and Lebron James. Wizards Forward Chris Singleton mentioned Gerald Green and DeMar DeRozan as his top candidates. Townsend also offered up a Wizards possibility, “The Flying Czech.”

Townsend: One-time No. 6 overall pick Jan Vesely. This 6-foot-11 forward jokingly referred to Blake Griffin as “the American Jan Vesely” on draft night back in 2011 — let’s see what he’s got. Wizards Euro-stash Tomas Satoransky said Vesely doesn’t have the creativity to win a dunk contest, but you never know what might happen with John Wall throwing him alley-oops.

Vesely definitely could hold his own- he throws down windmills in pregame layup lines with ease–and it would be a great confidence booster for young Euro. Singleton shares the “Honza in Houston” sentiment:

“Jan Vesely. He gots some stuff with ’em. He hasn’t put any out on the court yet, but he gots some stuff with ’em. … He is long, athletic. Pretty much do anything”

Slam Dunk Contest 2013: Who Ya Got?


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