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ShareBullets: Ladies, Sizzle Steez is Back in the D

Updated: February 13, 2013

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Meridian Hill Park, Adam McGinnis

Fountain at Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC. Photo Credit: Adam McGinnis

Um, Jordan? [via instagram/jcs_stelo]


SLAM writer and longtime Wizards fan, Abe Schwadron, had a great interview with Jordan Crawford two weeks ago. The answers on candy got most of the attention, but there’s also this tidbit about Crawford returning home to Detroit.

SLAM: Last question—do you have Valentine’s Day plans?

JC: Nah, not really. We’ll have to see about that later. I’ll be at home in Detroit though. So, girls in Detroit—I’ll be home.

Last year, Crawford revealed that he gets rid of his “shorties” before Valentine’s Day, so he is definitely single, ladies.

[Slam Online]

I recently sparked a discussion with the guys over at Bullets Forever about the future role of Jordan Crawford. My stance is that Bradley Beal needs to be back in the starting lineup, with Crawford as his back-up, relegating Garrett Temple to the bench behind A.J. Price. Wittman seems to disagree and has indicated that he will be starting Temple, again, versus the Pistons tonight. Crawford has been in a rut in his last few outings (that he’s played), but to completely dismiss a player who kept the Wizards afloat while they were undermanned for months irks me. He never complained about having to play point or having to come off the bench. He kept busting his ass and is now seemingly thrown overboard because the team got a few wins without him. Just a few weeks ago, Crawford’s game-winner in Rip City bailed Wittman out from another coaching collapse, and now Jordan is being benched for a D-Leaguer who was signed in December to play backup point guard, and who can’t shoot (36.7 FG%, 17.2 3pt%). Crawford has earned more respect and professional leeway than he is being shown by the coaching staff.

Temple plays solid defense at times, but he was torched in Milwaukee and his minus-15 plus/minus was the worst on the team. Temple is being granted a chance to work through his struggles, but not Crawford. Beal will soon be starting again, and a second unit of Temple, Price, and Ariza is set up to be horrendous on offense. Crawford’s play-making ability will be needed, and for those detractors of Steez, his trade value is not being increased with these DNPs. And if Jordan can’t even get into the game tonight in his hometown of Detroit? Sizzle me “UGH!”

[Bullets Forever]

Grantland’s Zach Lowe takes an in-depth look at STATS LLC, the camera technology used by NBA teams and how it can be applied to certain players. It is a long and wonky read, but definitely interesting. The Wizards are one of the 15 NBA clubs that use STATS.


The five-year anniversary of Nene battling testicular cancer just passed, and Michael Lee has an excellent feature on the big Brazilian.

[Washington Post]

With Wizards fans, there’s always an eye on the draft. Ben Standig breaks down the impact of Norlens Noel’s knee injury.

[CSN Washington]

Basketball blog godfather Henry Abbott tries to answer the question of what happened to all the 20 point scorers in NBA.

[ESPN True Hoop]

Kevin Broom argues that Martell Webster needs credit for the Wizards’ improved play. Numbers Don’t Lie:

From the beginning of the season through January 6 — a span of 31 games and 216 field goal attempts — Webster had an Effective Field Goal Percentage of .493. Since January 7 (18 games and 148 FGAs) his eFG% has been .662 ………. Since, January 7, Webster has produced an insanely efficient 17.7 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists per 40 minutes (pace adjusted) — with an offensive rating (points produced per 100 possessions) of 134. During that time frame, Webster’s Player Production Average (PPA) is 148 — which would rank among the league’s top 40 players.

[Broom on the Warpath]

This is an awesome photo gallery of D.C.-area basketball players who have stood out in college and the pros. It contains pictures of their high school days. Jeff Green rocking the long braids always cracks me up.

[Washington Post]

Due to his final answer on the Jeopardy Teen Tournament, Leonard is my new favorite person. He even got the prickly Alex Trebek to chuckle.

[Warming Glow]

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Video recap montage that I created for the Wizards’ win over the Los Angeles Clippers:

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