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This Week in Stupid NBA Basketball Stuff: Roy Hibbert and Some Heat Fan

Updated: April 12, 2013

No. 1 on this week’s list of stupid NBA basketball stuff: this guy. 

[original image via Evan Vucci, AP]

First of all, cool story, bro. [Is ‘cool story, bro’ played out yet?  I mean, it is on t-shirts and stuff. Nonetheless, it applies to this guy.]

Second of all, nobody cares. [Wild guess: You, bro, are also a NY Jets fan.]

Third of all, the Heat won a championship recently. You might have heard about it through the Internets if you’ve been a fan of the team for long enough. So, why don’t you go suck on that for a spell. Should provide plenty of nourishment.

Fourth of all, even though your sign does not specifically outline such, you did not pay all that money for tickets to “see Lebron play.” Nope, you paid to see the Wizards of Washington play the Heat of Miami. Susan O’Malley is no longer around, so I’m pretty sure that LeBron wasn’t featured on the ticket that got you into the arena.

Fifth of all, nobody cares. You are dismissed. But not before…

Sixth of all, Randy Wittman on stars not playing late in the season:

As a coach, you gotta do what’s best for your team. The ultimate thing, if it’s your fans, and you’re a paying customer, you want to see them win a championship. Let’s put that poll out there … I haven’t seen that poll out there yet. Would you rather see LeBron, or would you rather see Nene, or would you rather see John Wall playing game No. 80, or would you like to see the Wizards win the world championship? Let’s see what that poll looks like.

No. 2 on this week’s list of stupid NBA basketball stuff: Roy Hibbert (and out-of-context quotes):

This is what John Wall said after the Wizards beat the Pacers last Saturday night (in words and in video):

“Um, just coming out, we talked about it before the game that their bigs really play soft, so my bigs did a great job of setting screens. I came off open, and I was able to knock down shots right away.”

I admit that I had to listen to the quote twice after I heard “soft,” but the nature of the comment was clear. Wall was asked about “feeling it” in the first quarter, via his jumper, and he responded with the reason why. Indiana, like most teams, gave Wall space and dared him to shoot. Now, certainly there are different ways to guard screens and give a shooter space, and playing the screens “soft” in order to better protect the paint from a drive is one of them.

Well, evidently Roy Hibbert got the comment misconstrued and started running his mouth. Via (believe the “unprovoked” part if you want—the Pacers blog even got Wall’s original quote slightly wrong):

Unprovoked, Hibbert brought out the ‘soft’ comment before getting to the punch line.

“[Washington] went out there and they played hard. John Wall was determined to get around our ‘soft’ bigs, I guess,” he said. “You have to tip your hat off to those guys. They’re changing their season around before they go fishing.

“[Wall] can say what he wants to say. He’s entitled to it. He’s a good player. We have a chance to compete for a championship. They have a chance to compete for the No. 1 pick.”

How was Hibbert able to take Wall’s quote out of context? (How was he provoked?) The media? Likely. Another third-party who relayed the message (a personal friend)? Equally likely. Hibbert’s fairy godmother? Likelihood unknown.

So perhaps Hibbert is not totally to blame. But he is smart. He went to Georgetown. And being an NBA player, he knows that the things he says can be taken out of context (perhaps it’s already happened to him). So, Hibbert should be aware that other players in the league can have their quotes presented out of context as well.

But, the two cleared things up with a conversation, and then presented such on Twitter for all to see.



Cool story, bro.

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