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Jannero Pargo in 2012-13 with the Wizards: A Trivial Pursuit for an Orange Wedge

Updated: May 8, 2013

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Jannero Pargo

6-1 : Height
175 lbs. : Weight
33 : Age
9 : Years NBA Experience
7 : NBA Teams

Signed by the Wizards as a free agent on Oct. 1, 2012;
waived by the Wizards on Nov. 15, 2012.

Time as a Wizard

7 : Games
0 : Starts
102 : Minutes

N/A out of 3 stars

Average Truth About It.net DC Council Game Rating
{Pargo was never evaluated on a game-basis, wasn’t really warranted.} 

0.2 PER

NBA historical PER contribution equivalent:
Anthony Carter with the 2003-04 San Antonio Spurs (0.2),
certainly better than Lawrence Moten with the 1997-98 Washington Wizards (-0.2)

-0.129 Win Shares/48 Minutes

NBA historical WS/48 contribution equivalent:
maybe Andrew Toney with the 1985-86 Philadelphia 76ers (-.128),
maybe Mugsy Bogues with the 2000-01 Toronto Raptors (-.128)

With Jannero Pargo on the Court…

The Wizards offense scored 2.9 points more per 100 possessions (OffRtg)
The Wizards defense allowed 6.2 points less per 100 possessions (DefRtg)
Plus/Minus per 48 minutes: minus-2.8

Numbers : Per 36 Minutes

7.4 : Points
2.1 : Rebounds
0.4 : Blocks
0.0 : Steals
4.9 : Assists
2.8 : Turnovers
2.8 : Fouls

0.51 PPP

Pargo had 41 offensive possessions with the Wizards that ended with a FGA, TO or FTs, and he scored 0.51 Points Per Possession (PPP) on those, ranked 468th in the NBA (via Synergy Sports Technology). Defensively, he allowed 0.78 PPP over 37 possessions, ranked 47th in the league.


25% Field Goals (8-32)
15% 3-Pointers (3-20)
100% Free Throws (2-2)

[stats via NBA.com/stats and Basketball-Reference.com]


Jannero Pargo in 2012-13 with the Wizards:
A Trivial Pursuit for an Orange Wedge

by Sean Fagan (@McCarrick)

Must we remember Jannero Pargo? Is there a moment that stands out during the 2012-13 season that bears encapsulation? You could say that he was the worst of all the point guards that the Wizards trotted out to replace John Wall, but that would insult the contributions of Shelvin Mack. You could stand in amazement that the Wizards thought so little of a player that they actually cut him after seven games, considering the morass that existed at the position of floor general. One might marvel that a player who was so inconsequential for the Wizards could ERUPT on his first night of a 10-day contract with the Hawks, shooting 6-for-11 from the field and helping lead Atlanta to an early season victory over a injury-destroyed Minnesota team. Of course, that would be the sum total of Pargo’s contributions to Atlanta, as he was also cut by the the Hawks after seven games (before eventually winding up with the Charlotte Bobcats).

Jannero Pargo is going to be a Wizards trivia question in a few years. Who manned the point guard position when John Wall was out? Who entered through the revolving door? How could the situation have devolved so completely that the car keys were handed to Jordan Crawford of all people?

During his seven games with the Wizards, Pargo took 32 shots of which he made eight. He was a deadly 3-for-20 from 3-point range. He also recorded one block.

Pargo is an NBA lifer, one of those guys who is always on the shortlist of injury-ravaged teams to call when there are no other options. A stopgap measure at best. He must drive the people who make basketball cards (do these still exist?) crazy because he a vagabond of the pro basketball world. Have what one would call a 3-point shot, will travel.

Jannero Pargo is a player a team signs when they are uncomfortable with risk. He is the “Big Mac” of the NBA. It doesn’t taste particularly good, is probably bad for you, and you are going to feel awful after the experience. But you do know exactly what you are getting into.

If you are a Wizards fan who is looking forward to the next few years of the franchise’s evolution, you want less Jannero Pargo and more of anything else. Because the one thing the Wizards need to stop doing is eating Big Macs.


When the Wizards got “Pargo’d” in the seventh game of the season:


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