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On the Scene at the 2013 NBA Draft Lottery: Bradley Beal for the Win?

Updated: May 21, 2013

[Bradley Beal 2012 draft night suit — original image via Getty]

The NBA Lottery drawing is perhaps the last informal event left in the NBA this season. The set-up consists of three floors of conference rooms in the Millenium Hotel in New York City—you have to continously run up and down the stairs in hopes of getting the person you want to interview to speak on the record. This is how I found myself pushing past Monty Williams, who was bemoaning the summer heat in New Orleans, and making my way over to Bradley Beal, who was passing up on eating dinner until us pesky reporters were done asking our questions.

Draft Lottery night is also an evening for dumb questions, such as the requisite “did you bring anything for good luck?” Beal did not bring anything for good luck, he says, but indicated he was wearing the same burnt umber tie that he wore the night 2012. He also didn’t voice an opinion on whether the Wizards should keep the pick, stating that “it was up to Ernie and the front office, but you can see that we were doing better at the end of the year.”

More interesting news is Beal’s injury status, which remains uncertain. Beal told me that he was going in for another x-ray next week, but wasn’t particularly worried about the timetable or how he was healing. After talking to the Washington Post‘s Michael Lee, the reality is that the original recovery schedule may have been a tad agressive; waiting another four weeks till Beal is back and engaged in basketball related activities would not be entirely surprising.

Beal, however, was incredibly candid when it came to the resigning of Martell Webster: “Gotta resign Martell. Love that guy. Hits down open shots, high energy, court and locker room leader … love him, you gotta resign him.” This should be music to the ears of Webster, who is positioned to eat up the Wizards’ MLE.

Thus far, the highlight of the night has been David Stern, as this is one of his last opportunities to harangue and bully the press. During his short time on the podium, Stern lit into reporters with relish, noting that all four teams currently left competing for the NBA Finals were from the bottom 50 percent television markets in the league. He also bragged that dress code policies have led to NBA players appearing in GQ. The swagger is such that I almost fear that Stern will not be stepping down in nine months, and instead pull a Bloomberg (or a Jay Leno) and stay for just a bit longer (sorry, Adam Silver, perhaps).

Now, the media has been locked up in our tiny media room with requisite poor Internet to wait for the cards to be revealed. I’m not sure if Wizards PR knows that I have a G-Wiz doll and an Antonio Daniels jersey in my bag, but someone has to make up for Beal’s good luck charm tie snafu.

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