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A Friday Night Hot Dog For Rod Strickland

Updated: June 9, 2013

[A chili half-smoke and cheese fries from Ben’s Chili Bowl – photo: K. Weidie]

The lore of Rod Strickland and hot dogs is well-known. He used to eat all sorts of junk food before, during, and after games, especially hot dogs. And often times, all that hot dog water jiggling around in Rod’s stomach during the course of NBA action would cause him to puke.

Let’s get a quick recap of past pixels. Michael Wilbon, via a 2006 WashingtonPost.com chat:

Yes, and that would often happen on the bench, after Rod ate hot dogs from the press room, sometimes with reporters. This is an actual conversation from a Rod Strickland hot dog grab one night.

Reporter: Rod, you can’t eat that. You’ll get sick and throw up!

Rod: I know. Won’t be the first time…or the last…Can you slide me that mustard?

Dave McKenna for the Washington City Paper in an April 2008 piece taking down Strickland, Chris Webber and Juwan Howard:

Whereas Gilbert Arenas now gets peeved when doctors tell him he’s too injured to play, Strickland pulled no-shows at games because doctors told him he could play. He was once fined a game’s pay—$111,111 according to a report in the Washington Post—for not coming to practice after the team physician ruled that his shoulder injury shouldn’t prevent him from suiting up. It’s not like Strickland had a reputation for taking care of his body: After he threw up on the court mid-game in New Jersey in March 1998, Strickland admitted having a pre-game ritual of shoveling down pizza and hot dogs just before tipoff.

The Wizards beat the Nets in overtime, 102-100, in East Rutherford, New Jersey on March 22, 1998. Strickland started the game for Washington alongside Calbert Cheaney, Juwan Howard, Chris Webber, and Terry Davis. The Nets started Kendall Gill, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Jayson Williams, and current Wizards assistant coach, Sam Cassell.

Van Horn torched the Wizards for 29 points, six in overtime, but Webber countered with 25 points, scoring the go-ahead layup, with the and-1, over Rony Seikaly with 27 seconds left. Strickland scored 19 points on 15 shots, making just five but going 9-for-12 from the free throw line. He sealed the game by going 1-for-2 from the line with 6.5 seconds left.

A little regurgitation never stopped Rod.

And of course, from the 2012 NBA Las Vegas Summer League, this is what I wrote in a ‘Seen, Heard, and Experienced‘ post:

Biggest Regret: Rod Strickland was walking around with a half-eaten hot dog in his hand, and I failed to take a picture — partially because I couldn’t get my camera ready, partially because I was sitting next to (and talking with) someone Strickland knew and it would’ve been rude. Side note: the person who knew Strickland called out to say ‘What’s up.’ Rod then suddenly pretended to be on his phone, but then realized he knew the person and stopped to say hello.

So with all this build-up, I share with you a picture from last Friday night, which is of a picture—a picture of Rod Strickland on the wall of the famed Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, D.C. Surely seen before, but now memorialized on this very site.

Eat your heart out, Rod. You look quite thrilled in your backwards snap-back and blue jean jacket with a large Pepsi-cola.

[A picture of Rod Strickland, famed customer of the famed Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street in Washington, D.C.]

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