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Happy NBA Draft Day from Gilbert Arenas & His Truckload of Fireworks! (Photoshop)

Updated: June 27, 2013

Happy Draft Day, Wizards Fans!

Gilbert Arenas won’t ever stop being Gilbert Arenas, and that continues to be increasingly reassuring, dulling past ills while highlighting past thrills—all great components of a love-hate relationship.

Today, the outlet TMZ is reporting that Arenas has been busted for speeding with a truckload of illegal fireworks in California. Take it away, TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell us Arenas was pulled over by California Highway Patrol around 2:30 AM for speeding in a Ford pickup — but officers immediately saw that the truck was filled with fireworks … sitting in plain sight in the bed and cab of the truck. We’re told Arenas was arrested and will be booked for possession of illegal fireworks — and will be cited for speeding — he was allegedly doing 80 mph — and driving without a license. It’s unclear exactly how much fireworks were in the truck, but it was enough that LAPD bomb squad was called to handle the illegal booty.

Now doesn’t that just bring a slight smile to your face? We’re laughing at Gilbert, with Gilbert, and because of Gilbert… Triple-Threat!

[And for those of you who think this is sad and feel sorry for Gilbert, you’re probably right … sorta.]

It almost reminds me of that scene from the movie Beverly Hills Cop when Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) was hanging off the back of a cigarette truck being chased by police. Almost.

Just the thought of Gilly speeding down a Cali highway with a pickup truckload of fireworks at 2:30 am… If only makes me yearn for what song was blasting.

TAI has gained an exclusive Photoshop of the scene. Enjoy.




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