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Possibly Random Facts (And Funny Pics of our EIC) that Will Keep You Occupied Prior to Draftageddon 2013

Updated: June 27, 2013

Stu Jackson, NBA Lottery

Judgement Draft Day is finally upon us, and no matter what direction Washington decides to go with their third selection, it is a helpful reminder to have proper perspective of how Wizards got into this situation.

This video of the NBA Lottery selection process is where Washington defied probability and landed in their current spot. Let me save you 11 minutes of Stu Jackson’s boring death stares and recap what went down.

Lady Luck

  • Fourteen ping pong balls numbered 1-14 were placed in a standard lottery machine.
  • Each of the 14 teams in the lottery were assigned a certain amount of four-number combinations, depending on their regular season record (the worst team in the lottery received 250 combinations, while the best team, by record, earned just five).
  • Four balls were drawn at random to determine the winner of each of the top three picks in the Draft. (Note: It doesn’t matter what order the numbers in the combination appear.)

The first four-ball combination to pop up belonged to Cleveland, and the second to Orlando. The third actually went to Cavs again, forcing NBA officials them to perform a redo. Then this fortuitous quartet of lotto balls came up: 9, 13, 6, 12. And with that, the Wizards stole the third overall pick. If the player the Wizards choose tonight becomes a future star, always remember those four numbers (and a 4.9 percent chance) made it all possible.

We have to toot on our horn in playing a positive role in Wizards lottery luck. On May 21, TAI hosted a Draft Lottery viewing party at Lou’s City Bar. (I know, who does that?) Several prominent local media types attended, including Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post, who mentioned our event on his Sports Bog, CSWashington’s Brian Potter, and John Ourand of Sports Business Journal. The crew from Suck My Baltche came along with loyal Wiz fans Mimi and DC Fusion.

I shot video of the crowd’s reaction when it was known that Wizards had jumped into the top 3. The disbelief look on Kyle Wedie’s face is priceless. Also, we hope that this is the first and last lottery party in Truth About It history.

Otto in the Lotto?

Georgetown’s Otto Porter worked out for the Wizards on June 14th and he addressed the gathered media. Porter could use some extra muscle on the basketball court and some extra media training. Porter used the word “definitely” a lot in his answers, and me being a mischievous blogger type, I felt required to chop all 16 of them up into a video. Yo, David Falk, get on that before someone calls Porter a broken-down car!

Wall’s World

During John Wall’s end of season press conference, he famously proclaimed his desire for Wizards to acquire a stretch 4 in this year’s draft or offseason. When Wall was specifically asked about Washington maybe drafting Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel, he refused to take a position on him but cracked, “he just needs to cut his flattop.” After Noel met with Wizards front office a few weeks back, I informed him of Wall’s joke and asked him his thoughts. “No comment,” smiled Noel.  Here is the exchange from two former Kentucky standouts.


Victor Oladipo reveals why he would not work out for the Wizards. [Washington Post]

ESPN personality Bomani Jones provides some valuable insight on the John Wall tattoo topic started by Troll So Hard U’s Jason Reid. [The Shadow League]

Not a good week for Washington Post sports columnists as Mike Wise reverses his opinion on the Wizards’ draft in a span of one month. [Ernie’s Lament]

Wizards fans are getting anxious because of past draft-day screw ups. One way to deal with it is humor. [A funny Vine, hilarious GIFs, and a Wiz Tumblr]

Duke point guard and D.C. native, Quinn Cook, hung out recently with Bradley Beal. They both decided to test out Instagram’s new video function by dancing to a song called, “Ratchet Shit.”  Their moves are here and here.

It is always a fun activity to re-read Dan Gilbert’s infamous Comic Sans letter.

The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south. And until he does “right” by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

Just watch.

Sleep well, Cleveland.

We are all still watching Cleveland and, by the way, you are on the clock. [NBA.com]

Historic argument of why picking third has produced better outcomes than going second. [USA Today, FTW]

Rumors of Washington having Anthony Bennett atop their draft board, which would allow the Bobcats to pick Otto Porter and shop Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, are debunked by Rick Bonnell. [Charlotte Observer]

Ben McLemore’s agent selection is controversial. [USA Today]

Outstanding story on the Connelly brothers, who have many ties to the Washington Wizards organization. [Baltimore Sun]

Recently, Kyle Weidie and myself hosted a Google Hangout with Comcast’s Ben Standig. Conor Dirks joined us as we debated Wizards draft possibilities. It is a lengthy discussion, but still a good preview for tonight’s big evening.

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