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Wittman Wants to Halt Pre-NBA Draft Workouts; Here are the 53 Guys the Wizards Worked-Out

Updated: June 27, 2013

[“CARPE CONSCRIPTO!” yells Randy Wittman, Wizards Coach (“seize the draft” for you non-Latin speakers … I think]

Washington Wizards Head Coach Randy Wittman and media personality Dave Johnson sat down to chat about the NBA Draft on the Monumental Network’s “Coaches’ Corner” last Friday. Wittman’s comments on the pre-draft workout process in particular caught my attention.

By NBA rule, teams are only allowed to host a maximum of six players at a workout. Wittman doesn’t like it. What coach would? Most would rather judge a player in a five-on-five situation because that’s how the game is played. But three-on-three with dummy passers, etc. is all they got.

Wittman and Johnson spoke about several facets of the pre-draft workout process, which Wittman admits he has to “catch up” on because he can’t scout and watch prospects during the season. The process can be a way to test speed and quickness, both physically and mentally; a way to test endurance, hustle and fight; and a simple capture of how players respond when they can most control the results: the interview.

“It is an audition, it’s a business interview, as I try to tell these guys,” said Wittman at one point.

The coach and the host also discussed the nationwide tour that draft prospects go on ‘now-a-days’, going from city-to-city, and team-to-team, sometimes back-to-back and sometimes several in a week. Wittman didn’t have to go on any audition tour when he was aspiring for the 1983 draft 30 years ago, the coach, in other words, explained.

Then he said just get rid of it … “eliminate all that.” Really, coach? Get rid of that extra window that teams get (on their own turf); those extra glimpses of hustling and bustling? Wittman said:

“I’d like to see them get rid of it, to be honest with you. I’d like to go back to the old days where we had the Chicago combine and another combine … that’s why you have scouts, they will look at these kids year round to have a good feel for them. I hate to make decisions, because we all kinda do anyway… the guy comes in here and plays great one-on-one, but like I said it’s a five-on-five game… you get seduced by it. I’d like to eliminate all that.”

Interesting, Coach.

Maybe it would be better in a five-on-five setting—I’m sure Wittman loved haggling with David Falk over the parameters of Otto Porter’s workout. But to just get rid of it?

In the business of the league, by any means necessary (or by any evaluation method available). Sure, the process isn’t ideal, and the logistics of hundreds of players, their agents, and 30 teams aren’t exactly run by Amazon or FedEx, but what else are you going to do?

“But, that’s what our league is,” admitted Wittman before he even made his proclamation about geting rid of things. Indeed it is.

All of that said, below is a list of the 53 players the Wizards worked-out on the Verizon Center practices leading up to the draft (at least those announced to the media). Fifteen of the 53 players are ranked in Chad Ford’s Top 100 Prospects on ESPN Insider (ranking in parenthesis next to name below). The Wizards also interviewed Nerlens Noel and Anthony Bennett, but those players did not workout because of injury.

Below the alphabetical list of 53 is the schedule of players according to workout date.

[“YAR!!….. PRE-DRAFT_WORKOUTS, I SAY!!! Eliminate ’em.” —Randy Scott Wittman]

Washington Wizards 2013 Pre-NBA Draft Workouts

    Name                                                  Pos.          From                           Ht./Wt.

  1. C.J. Aiken (#88)                     C         St. Joseph’s                 6-9, 201 lbs.
  2. Malcolm Armstead                G        Wichita State               6-0, 205 lbs
  3. Keion Bell                                   G        Missouri                      6-4, 200 lbs
  4. Laurence Bowers                   F        Missouri                      6-8, 227 lbs
  5. Tyler Brown                              G        Illinois State              6-4, 185 lbs
  6.  Junior Cadougan                  G        Marquette                    6-1, 205 lbs.
  7. Jackie Carmichael (#43)    F        Illinois State               6-9, 240 lbs.
  8. Keith Clanton                           F        UCF                              6-9, 250 lbs.
  9. Rotnei Clarke (#98)              G        Butler                           6-0, 184 lbs
  10. Will Clyburn (#78)                 G        Iowa State                   6-7, 210 lbs.
  11. Demetrius Conger                   F       St. Bonaventure          6-6, 205 lbs
  12. D.J. Cooper (#49)                    G       Ohio                              6-0, 176 lbs.
  13. Kevin Dillard                             G       Dayton                        6-0, 170 lbs.
  14. Gregory Echenique                 C       Creighton                   6-9, 260 lbs
  15. Ella Ellis                                        F        Army                           6-6, 185 lbs.
  16. Erik Etherly                                 F        Loyola (MD)              6-7, 219 lbs.  
  17. Ryan Evans                                G/F    Wisconsin                    6-6, 212 lbs.
  18. Kevin Foster                                G       Santa Clara                  6-2, 225 lbs.
  19. Viktor Gaddefors                      F       Sweden                         6-8, 203 lbs.
  20. Ramon Galloway (#85)          G        LaSalle                           6-3, 180 lbs
  21. Jamelle Hagins (#86)              F        Delaware                        6-9, 235 lbs
  22. Vander Joaquim                         C       Hawaii                             6-10, 245 lbs.
  23. Elijah Johnson (#100)             G       Kansas                            6-4, 195 lbs.
  24. Karron Johnson                         F        Shaw                               6-8, 240 lbs.
  25. Joffrey Lauvergne (#95)          F       France                            6-11, 240 lbs.
  26. Lamont Jones                               G        Iona                                6-0, 195 lbs.
  27. Oleksandr Lypovyy (#92)        F       Ukraine                            6-8, 200 lbs.
  28. Korie Lucious                               G        Iowa State                      5-11, 170 lbs.
  29. Bruce Massey                                G        Middle Tennessee         6-3, 197 lbs.
  30. A.J. Matthews                               F         Farmingdale State        7-0, 215 lbs.
  31. Nicolo Melli                                    F         Italy                                  6-9, 235 lbs.
  32. Nick Minnerath                            F        Detroit                              6-9, 215 lbs.
  33. Brock Motum                                 F        Washington State        6-10, 245 lbs.
  34. Mike Muscala (#33)                    C        Bucknell                         6-11, 239 lbs.
  35. Dejan Musli                                    C         Serbia                                7-0, 262 lbs. 
  36. Ehimen Orukpe                            C         Wichita State                 7-0, 250 lbs
  37. Romero Osby (#89)                     F        Oklahoma                       6-8, 232 lbs
  38. Miguel Paul                                     G         East Carolina                  6-1, 170 lbs
  39. Mason Plumlee (#23)                 F         Duke                                 6-10, 235 lbs.
  40. Otto Porter (#3)                             F        Georgetown                    6-8, 205 lbs.
  41. D.J. Seeley                                         G        Cal State Fullerton        6-4, 195 lbs
  42. Angelo Sharpless                          G        Elizabeth City                 6-4, 190 lbs
  43. Peyton Siva (#77)                           G        Louisville                         6-0, 185 lbs.
  44. James Southerland (#64)          F        Syracuse                         6-8, 215 lbs
  45. Dexter Strickland                          G         North Carolina             6-3, 185 lbs.
  46. Maurice Sutton                               C         Villanova                        6-11, 220 lbs.
  47. Tahj Tate                                             G         Delaware State              6-4, 190 lbs.
  48. Adonis Thomas (#65)                   F        Memphis                          6-7, 240 lbs.
  49. DeShaun Thomas                            F        Ohio State                       6-7, 225 lbs
  50. Kellen Thornton                               F        Tennessee State             6-7, 243 lbs.
  51. Christian Watford (#99)             F        Indiana                            6-9, 232 lbs 
  52. Tray Woodall                                     G         Pittsburgh                        6-0, 190 lbs
  53. Khalif Wyatt (#67)                          G         Temple                             6-4, 215 lbs


[“OK, OK… I’m cool now. Let’s go get Otto… or Alex, or Anthony, or Nerlens…” —Wittman.]

Wizards Pre-NBA Draft Workout Schedule

Friday, June 21

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

Keith Clanton                         F          UCF                            6-9/250 lbs.
D.J. Cooper                             G         Ohio                            6-0/176 lbs.
Joffrey Lauvergne                F          France                         6-11/240 lbs.
Korie Lucious                       G         Iowa State                   5-11/170 lbs.
Nicolo Melli                            F          Italy                             6-9/235 lbs.
Maurice Sutton                    C         Villanova                     6-11/220 lbs.

Wednesday, June 19

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

Kevin Foster                       G             Santa Clara                          6-2/225 lbs.
Vander Joaquim              C             Hawaii                                   6-10/245 lbs.
Oleksandr Lypovyy         F              Ukraine                                6-8/200 lbs.
Dejan Musli                        C             Serbia                                   7-0/262 lbs.
Tahj Tate                               G             Delaware State                 6-4/190 lbs.
Erik Etherly                         F              Loyola (MD)                       6-7/219 lbs.  

Friday, June 14

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

Jackie Carmichael               F          Illinois State                6-9/240 lbs.
Kevin Dillard                          G         Dayton                        6-0/170 lbs.
Ryan Evans                              G/F     Wisconsin                    6-6/212 lbs.
Viktor Gaddefors                 F          Sweden                       6-8/203 lbs.
Bruce Massey                         G        Middle Tennessee       6-3/197 lbs.
Otto Porter                              F         Georgetown                6-8/205 lbs.

Wednesday, June 12

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

Karron Johnson                    F          Shaw                           6-8, 240 lbs.
Bruce Massey                          G         Middle Tennessee       6-3, 197 lbs.
Brock Motum                          F          Washington State        6-10, 245 lbs.
Mason Plumlee                      F          Duke                           6-10, 235 lbs.
Dexter Strickland                 G         North Carolina            6-3, 185 lbs.
Kellen Thornton                    F          Tennessee State           6-7, 243 lbs.

Friday, June 7

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

C.J. Aiken                              C         St. Joseph’s                 6-9, 201 lbs.
Junior Cadougan              G         Marquette                    6-1, 205 lbs.
Ella Ellis                                 F          Army                           6-6, 185 lbs.
Lamont Jones                     G         Iona                             6-0, 195 lbs.
A.J. Matthews                     F          Farmingdale State       7-0, 215 lbs.
Mike Muscala                      C         Bucknell                      6-11, 239 lbs. 

Thursday, June 6

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

Keion Bell                              G         Missouri                      6-4, 200 lbs
Laurence Bowers               F          Missouri                      6-8, 227 lbs
D.J. Seeley                              G         Cal State Fullerton      6-4, 195 lbs
James Southerland           F          Syracuse                      6-8, 215 lbs
DeShaun Thomas               F          Ohio State                   6-7, 225 lbs
Khalif Wyatt                          G         Temple                        6-4, 215 lbs

Wednesday, June 5

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

Will Clyburn                        G             Iowa State                          6-7, 210 lbs.
Elijah Johnson                   G             Kansas                                  6-4, 195 lbs.
Nick Minnerath                  F              Detroit                                  6-9, 215 lbs.
Peyton Siva                            G             Louisville                              6-0, 185 lbs.
Adonis Thomas                  F              Memphis                             6-7, 240 lbs.
Christian Watford            F              Indiana                                 6-9, 232 lbs

Tuesday, June 4

Name                                      Pos.     From                           Ht./Wt.

Malcolm Armstead            G             Wichita State                     6’0, 205 lbs
Demetrius Conger              F              St. Bonaventure               6’6, 205 lbs
Ramon Galloway                 G             LaSalle                                  6’3, 180 lbs
Jamelle Hagins                    F              Delaware                             6’9, 235 lbs
Romero Osby                        F              Oklahoma                           6’8, 232 lbs
Tray Woodall                        G             Pittsburgh                           6’0, 190 lbs

Monday, June 3

Name                                      Pos.     From               Ht./Wt.           

Tyler Brown                          G         Illinois State    6’4 185 lbs
Rotnei Clarke                        G         Butler              6’0, 184 lbs
Gregory Echenique             C         Creighton        6’9, 260 lbs
Ehimen Orukpe                   C         Wichita State   7’0, 250 lbs
Miguel Paul                            G         East Carolina   6’1, 170 lbs
Angelo Sharpless                G         Elizabeth City  6’4, 190 lbs

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