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John Wall Said WHAT?! His Summer League Interview with NBA TV

Updated: July 14, 2013


During the third quarter of an absolutely dreadful Summer League opener (among the worst in Vegas history), John Wall sat down with NBA TV’s Reggie Miller and Steve Kerr to talk about his summer, training with Kevin Durant, the upcoming 2013-14 season, and more.

The Highlights

Q: What are your first impressions of Otto Porter, Jr.?

Wall: I think he just took a couple tough shots so far—a couple tough jump shots—but I think he has a great mid-range game, he’s very tall and can create his shot. So, I think with more spacing he’ll get easier shots, I think he’ll be fine.

Q: The Wiz now have you, Beal, and Porter on the perimeter. Is playoffs the goal?

Wall: That’s the main goal. Like I said, to be a good point guard in this league… You (Kerr) played point and Reggie played shooting guard. You gotta have a good point guard, you gotta have a leader, you gotta win games.

You’re not gonna be known as nothing if you don’t win. My first three years I did OK, but I didn’t do the things as a team and as a leader to get us to the playoffs, and that’s my goal this year.

Q: Where do the Wizards fit into the playoff chase?

Wall: We don’t have a spot. Our main thing is to just try to get somewhere, just try to fit in somewhere. … We just gotta find a way to win games. You can’t do it and look at 82 games. I think you have to break it down into segments—10- to 12-game segments—and see what your record can be.

Q: You spend your summers in L.A. working out with an impressive group of guys. Tell us about that.

Wall: Mostly this summer I worked out with Kevin Durant so far a little bit. Russell [Westbrook], I haven’t had the chance because he’s been injured. Derrick [Rose] hasn’t really been there.

But all of those guys, and Kevin Love, we all got the same trainer, so sometimes we find time to work out together. When I’m going against guys like Kevin Durant—one of the best leading scorers in the league—it pushes you to want to get better, seeing how hard he works. That’s my main thing: I want to be on the level those guys are on.

Q: What’s it like playing under Sam Cassell?

Wall: Well, it’s great ’cause I push myself to a certain limit, and knowing him helps push me to another limit. He always tell me, “If you start knocking down jump shots, it’s gonna be scary.” That’s the main thing I want to do is keep getting better. And, like I said, having a mentor like that, it gets yourself better in that he’s one of the best at knocking that shot down.

Q: You have the ball in the middle with two shooters: Steve Kerr on the left and Reggie Miller on the right. Who do you go to?

Wall: Umm… I’m going to Reggie Miller. I’ve seen you (Miller) knock a lot of shots down, so I’m going to Reggie Miller.

But I’ve seen a lot of highlights of Steve Kerr knocking down the big shots … when a legend, Michael Jordan, trusted his teammate and passed it to him. He might have played two minutes, but he was ready to knock down the big shot.

Click to tune in to the rest of the interview for Wall’s take on his health, the team’s chemistry and Bradley Beal.

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