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Sam Cassell from NBA Summer League: Pressure is On Singleton and Vesely (VIDEO)

Updated: July 15, 2013

[Randy Wittman drops some knowledge on Otto Porter at NBA Summer League. — photo: K. Weidie]

LAS VEGAS — The 0-2 Washington Wizards had the day off from official NBA Summer League game action on Monday, but they did conduct a team practice and had a scrimmage against the Toronto Raptors. Otto Porter was held out of the scrimmage due to a tight right hamstring, as well as Sundiata Gaines, who was dealing with a tight calf. The media did not get to see much of the scrimmage, and what was seen mostly involved the end of the Wizards’ summer league bench putting in work. On Tuesday, Washington will play the Denver Nuggets at 7:00 pm PT, 10:00 pm ET; Otto Porter is expected to play.

After the scrimmage, Wizards coach Sam Cassell spoke with the media on a range of topics, including:

  • What the Wizards need to do going into their third game.
  • Who he’s looking for to step up their game (basically, Chris Singleton and Jan Vesely).
  • What he’s seen out of Vesely at the 5 spot (“Yea, we’ve got to toughen him up.”).
  • If he’ll play Glen Rice, Jr. and Otto Porter together more (the answer is semi-vague).
  • What Singleton needs to do (QUICK DECISIONS!).
  • Which Summer League free agent has made an impression (answer: Marquez Haynes).
  • What he says to people trying to glean too much from Otto Porter’s performances so far. (Also, Cassell says he might play Porter at the 4 some.)

Sam-I-Am is best digested in full video, so let’s take a watch.