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2013 NBA Summer League Look-Back, Side A: Photographic Evidence of Wizards

Updated: August 1, 2013

Jan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer League

[Jan Vesely on the go… – photo: K. Weidie]

Many have written about the relaxed environment of NBA Summer League. You have ex-players getting increasingly comfortable with their ‘adult’ lives—Sam Cassell and Brian Scalabrine chatting it up on the sidelines as Summer League coaches, for example. Scalabrine was in slacks, Cassell in shorts.

You have ex-greats and other big-time front office personnel trying to glide around as unnoticed as possible in public. (Not very possible, especially now that most wear handy name badge lanyards.)

You have current NBA players, often in attendance to support their teammates and/or train with them. Or because there are in town as team union reps to congregate for league-wide meetings. Or because Vegas.

My previous ‘casual Summer League moment’ came in 2012 when I was part of the scrum interviewing Cassell and Kevin McHale suddenly popped out from what I previously thought was a broom closet. (Later discovery: it was a stairwell.) Actually, the 2012 casual moment was watching Rod Strickland walk down the aisle running the length court with a mustard-filled hot dog in tow… but then I wasn’t casual enough to sneak a picture.

This year, I’d have to nominate Flip Saunders watching games with shades resting atop of his head. Or maybe it was Craig Sager’s regular blouses. Or maybe it was when Martell Webster just came up and plugged his phone into my computer, leaving it there for a while to get a charge.

[Note: These are casual Las Vegas Summer League moments that are fit to pixel on this very website, i.e., those limited to the gyms.]


Part of the casualness of Summer League is… danger. Just bare with me.

Media seating is right there on the baseline, squeezed into three rows paralleling the width of the hardwood on each side of the court. Things are close, casually close. Closer than the usual first row of baseline fans at major arenas and only separated from the action by flimsy plastic tubing inside of a curtain. Unlike normal NBA games, there isn’t a row of cameramen/women seated on the baseline acting as a buffer of sorts. In Las Vegas, there were usually two to three baseline photographers/camera operators total for each game, four or five at most—myself included on several occasions.

It may be Summer League basketball, but the size and athletic ability still qualify as some of the best in the world. And in the environment of the Cox Pavilion, an auxiliary gym to the Thomas & Mack Center on the campus of UNLV that’s like a high school gym in most respects, these guys really fly around the court like frantic fleas on the last dog alive. Because, well, it’s Summer League basketball. Everyone is in go-hard mode to make an impression on those in attendance with team-building input, some of whom are European scouts sitting draped in their indoor fashion scarves, sweat-smelling close to the action alongside the media. And with 10 fouls per man in Vegas, before tournament play, every single player is trying to block every single shot in the paint.

Things on the baseline, and on media row, can get dangerous—the baseline has a much greater potential for crashes than sideline seating. In 2010, the courtside computer of Joe Glorioso of Hoop District got absolutely destroyed by an errant player. Luckily for Joe, he wasn’t in his seat at the time. In 2012, Nolan Smith of the Trail Blazers went crashing into the basket stanchion, stumbled toward the baseline, and eventually fell at the foot of the media table. He had to be taken off the court on a stretcher; took an elbow to the head and was later diagnosed with a concussion.

This year, I almost got taken out by Luke Harangody and Jan Vesely, on separate occasions. Chris Singleton once went flying past and over a guy sitting in sideline seats—players going all-out to save a ball is always a threat. So yea, courtside at Summer League is a little dangerous, but taking photos on the baseline sure is a lot of fun, and the whole dangerousness adds a little quaintness to the closeness (I think).

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this series of photos that I took out in Las Vegas this summer, some shot with iPhone (and Instagram’d), but most shot with a Canon Digital Rebel XSi. Some of these were posted in this gallery on ESPN TrueHoop, some appeared in this previous TAI post, and the full set of photos from this past Summer League as well as the 2010 Summer League (camera was in the shop during the 2012 LVSL) can be found here on Flickr.

Chris Singleton and Jan Vesely
before the first Summer League game.

Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer League

Jan Vesely coming at you.

Jan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer League

Sam Cassell and John Wall … always coaching.

Sam Cassell, John Wall - 2013 NBA Summer League

Air Singleton.

Chris Singleton - 2013 NBA Summer League

Staring down an Andrew Lawrence jumper.

Andrew Lawrence, Washington Wizards - 2013 NBA Summer League

Jan Vesely, watch for the hook.

Jan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer League

Glen Rice, Jr. Dunk.

Glen Rice, Jr. - 2013 NBA Summer League

The Vesely Pretzel.

Jan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer League

Bradley Beal, wanting to be on the basketball court so bad… you must wonder how much not being able to do much this summer has stunted his development.

Bradley Beal - 2013 NBA Summer League

Chris Singleton vs. Matt Howard

Chris Singleton - 2013 NBA Summer League

C-Sing attacks the rim.

Chris Singleton - 2013 NBA Summer League

Marquez Haynes, tight D.

Defense - Wizards vs Grizzlies - 2013 NBA Summer League

Honza Stretch.

Jan Vesely - 2013 NBA Summer League

Otto Porter runner.

Otto Porter - 2013 NBA Summer League

Wroten No-Look.

Tony Wroten - 2013 NBA Summer League

Out of Bounds.

Out of Bounds - NBA Summer League - 2013 NBA Summer League

Jermaine Taylor (former Wizards draft pick)

Jermaine Taylor - 2013 NBA Summer League

Dexter Pittman. Period.

Dexter Pittman - 2013 NBA Summer League

Jae Crowder gets his Karl Malone pose on.

Jae Crowder - 2013 NBA Summer League

Chris Smith of the Knicks.

Chris Smith - 2013 NBA Summer League

CJ McCollum scoop shot.

CJ McCollum - 2013 NBA Summer League

The in-bounds.

Out of Bounds - 2013 NBA Summer League

Summer League M.V.P. Jonas Valaciunas with the hook shot.

Jonas Valanciunas - 2013 NBA Summer League

Dwight Buycks rises up.

Dwight Buycks - 2013 NBA Summer League

The Flying Luke Harangodys, at least one of them.

Luke Harangody and Jonas Valanciunas - 2013 NBA Summer League

The Triangle Defense.

Nuggets vs Raptors - Paint Arms - 2013 NBA Summer League

Quincy Acy taking charge.

Quincy Acy - 2013 NBA Summer League

Darius Johnson-Odom interior passing.

Darius Johnson Odom - 2013 NBA Summer League

Dennis Schröder jump-pass.

Dennis Schroeder vs Meyers Leonard - 2013 NBA Summer League

Grandma-Ma with legit grandpa gray hairs.

Larry Johnson - 2013 NBA Summer League

Mitch Richmond: #NeverForget… his Ed Hardy-style summer league t-shirt.

Mitch Richmond - 2013 NBA Summer League

Harrison Barnes and Chris Mullin make a connection.

Chris Mullin, Harrison Barnes - 2013 NBA Summer League

Mitch Kupchak, Mike D’Antoni, and a lurking Kurt Rambis…
The Lakers Brain Trust.

Mitch Kupchak, Mike D'Antoni, Kurt Rambis - Laker Nation - 2013 NBA Summer League

Kobe Bryant impersonator, avec fannie pack,
on the Las Vegas Strip.

Kobe Bryant impersonator in Las Vegas - 2013 NBA Summer League

Rick Adelman with a coolin’ Flip Saunders,
and Calvin Booth in the foreground,
lady sleeping chin on the fist in the background.

Rick Adelman, Calvin Booth, Flip Saunders - 2013 NBA Summer League

Ernie Grunfeld and Isiah Thomas share some yuks
(perhaps about the Knicks)…

Ernie Grunfeld and Isiah Thomas - 2013 NBA Summer League

Phone check with Prêt-à-Porter All-White Party Zydrunas Ilgauskas,
wearing white dress shirt and light-colored cargo shorts.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas - 2013 NBA Summer League

Caron Butler gets his Malcolm X on,
Steve Blake tries to mind-f*ck a leather basketball, I’m assuming,
and, um… Marcus Camby? Antonio Davis!

Steve Blake, Caron Butler, Marcus Camby - 2013 NBA Summer League

Sam Cassell and SCALABRINE!! [Doc Rivers voice.]
(Also, Mark Jackson cameo.)

Sam Cassell and Brian Scalabrine - 2013 NBA Summer League

Bradley Beal phone check,
with John Wall & Martell Webster in background.

Bradley Beal - 2013 NBA Summer League

Summer League fisheye, shooting 2.

Shooting Two - 2013 NBA Summer League

 [photos credit/copyright: Kyle Weidie, Truth About It.net]

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