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Forever Gilly — Arenas won’t play for Clippers, going back to China

Updated: September 26, 2013


Gilbert Arenas.

Gilbert f-ing Arenas.

That blasted Gilbert Arenas.

He’ll always have a special place in the heart of Wizards fans, and in the lower intestine underbelly of this here blog. We love Gilly, we kind of hate Gilly. (Hate in the same way I hated squash as a kid; as time passed, it’s not so bad.)

Gilbert will be Gilbert, and part of that is a reputation of being a f*ck-up clown, but also, once upon a time, a damn good basketball player. These days, at least, he still keeps relevancy. He’s married to a lady, Laura Govan, who appeared on the television show “Basketball Wives.”

At one point, when separated, Gilbert tried to use lawyers to keep her off of “Basketball Wives.” At one point, she, allegedly, killed the sharks from his infamous shark tank by dropping pennies into it (copper and/or zinc kills). He is a mess. They are a mess. It’s the embracement of life as a circus. Somehow, Gilbert and Laura are still people. 

At one point, per likely source of a giddy agent, Alex Kennedy of the website HoopsWorld reported that Arenas was working out at the facilities of the Los Angeles Clippers and that they were considering inviting Arenas to training camp.

Not so much.

Recently, the website HipHollywood caught up with Arenas on the red carpet outside of the birthday bash for the ‘ever-so-relevant’ Govan. Via HipHollywood:

“With China, I get to go and still play and then I can get back home and spend more time with the kids. I get to be home in February and enjoy the family, I don’t need the NBA money, I have enough of it. Now it’s about spending time with the family and the kids,” Gilbert said, referring to the CBA’s short season.

You can also watch:

{Cough noises that sound like the word ‘bullshit’.}

Splendid. When Arenas answers the question, he says no and shakes his head as if he were a politician vehemently denying accusations that he goosed a nun. (Seriously, why does Gilly stop to condescendingly chuckle?)

About that short season…

Instead of being in L.A. where his family lives, Arenas will actually get to spend more time with his kids by going 6,500 miles away to play games for the 10-22 Shanghai Sharks from mid-November to the end of February. The Clippers have a chance of playing until late-June, so it could make some sense… not playing for an NBA championship contender.

About that NBA money…

“I don’t need the NBA money, I have enough of it,” Gilbert says. (Thanks Ernie!) He evidently doesn’t need the NBA winning, either. So there’s that. But maybe he did really get invited to Clippers camp… (and maybe there are other reasons other than preferring China why he would have declined.) Still, Arenas will make over $22 million in ‘NBA money’ in 2013-14, the last year of his original six-year, $111 million contract the Wizards gave him in 2008. Only Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant will make more in NBA basketball salary.

About that topless mermaid…

Oh, yea… the picture at the top of this post. Evidently there was a hired topless mermaid at Govan’s party, or perhaps at some other extravagant, ‘hey, look at me be me!’ affair. Who knows, who cares? (Hi, Nick Young!) The picture above, without censoring, was shared on Arenas’ Instagram account (gilbertarenas0); another version was shared on Govan’s Instagram account (lauramgovan); but both were removed not long after release.

But hey, the Internet lasts forever, and so does Gilly. But the NBA is, perhaps, dead.

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