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Wizards Blog Truth About It.net Has Changed: About the New TAI

Updated: October 29, 2013


Truth About It.net (TAI) started in late-October six years ago. When it began, I had no idea where it would go. I also had no clue how many pixels would be dedicated to the losing basketball of the Washington Wizards (316 losses, 160 wins to be exact). I still haven’t been able to quit them (neither Wizards nor pixels).

I also had no clue that the site’s staff would be interviewing NBA players on the regular and that it would cover events from the draft to summer league (but no playoffs, yet). This blogging thing really kind of blew up. (Some networks are even corporate now, if you can believe that.)

I had no inkling that TAI would grow to field the stable of excellent writers and new media cultivators featured today. All of this has led to connections and friendships within TAI’s own piece of the Web, within Wizards Nation, and far beyond. It truly has been an unimaginable, sometimes surreal ride, and reflecting right now, I could not be more grateful.

But enough about me. If you want to read more about TAI, its background, and its staff, you can visit this page.

This is really about the site itself. As you can probably tell, it has gone through some major renovations. If you are still seeing the old TAI but are reading this, give it some time. Server changes and domain switches can sometimes take as long as 72 hours to propagate throughout the World Wide Web.

A redesign to get Truth About It.net into the realm of ‘grown up’ websites (or web-logs) has been long in the works and is incredibly overdue. Gone is the format and feel of an original blog, featuring opening snippets of post after post, each in succession drowning all that has come before to the bottom.

Here is a new, magazine(-ish) style format that is image-thumbnail based. The idea is to provide easier access to the content that the staff works hard to produce. The idea is to provide more useful information to readers and visitors while celebrating the wide range of pixels that define Truth About It.net. Plus, we’ve done some behind-the-scenes things, including a server upgrade and host switch, that hopefully improves overall performance.

The principles of TAI remain the same: to write, to pixelate, to convey passion, to provide honest opinion, to be critical, to be silly, and to share a labor of love.

With that said, we welcome you to the new TAI. Here’s some explanation:

At the very top, you have the ESPN TrueHoop banner, the new TAI header, and an advertisement, of course. There’s also some new top-level navigation—some of it even rolls over. We encourage you to peruse some of TAI’s new pages and links to category pages from the main navigation, such as this page featuring posts about John Wall under the “Players” header (which features Wizards player power rankings — Hint: Beal is currently ranked first and Vesely’s not ranked last, but only because he’s actually played this preseason).

Moving down the home page, you will see a left and right scrolling carousel called “Latest TAI Posts.” Here you can scroll through the very latest that we have to offer, or you can take the “Click for more recent TAI posts” route and be directed to an entire page of our most recent items in reverse chronological order. This page can also be found via drop-down under the “Home” top-level navigation item.

Moving further down the new home page, you will see category boxes like “Game Coverage” or “Pictures” or “Ex-Wizards” showing a recent post from that category. Clicking on an image or the post title will take you to that individual post; clicking on the category header will take you to a page for that category.

We’re aiming to make the organization of categories somewhat consistent, but also flexible. If the season is done and #SoWizards rituals of preparing for the draft or summer league have begun, those categories will rank higher in placement than, say, game coverage. Sometimes an opportunity to switch out categories might present itself. The goal is to keep relevant content more accessible.

Otherwise, as this redesign launch has been stop-and-go for at least the past 14 or so months (we wanted to redesign the site last summer; good help is hard to find), I encourage you to let us know your thoughts—if something works, if something doesn’t work, or if something is broken. You can email me directly at truthaboutit[@]gmail[dot]com.

I can’t thank the entire TAI staff enough for their work, their thoughts, and their putting up with me. I certainly should thank my fiancée for putting up with me and this blog in general (probably should’ve thanked her first). Thanks must also go to ClassFive, LLC in their developmental and consulting role in the redesign.

And finally, thanks to you, the reader, for stopping by. You are the ultimate end-user of our work and we appreciate the time you take to read and consume the pixels we produce. We actually kind of (totally!) look forward to this Wizards season, and we hope that you do, too.

Meanwhile, transferring more than 2,500 published posts over the history of the site isn’t the smoothest process in the world, so please bear with us as we make continue to make tweaks and adjustments to get Truth About It.net and its redesign where it needs to be. Thank you.

—Kyle Weidie

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Kyle Weidie
Founder / Editor / Reporter / Writer at TAI
Kyle founded TAI in 2007 and has been weaving in and out the world of Wizards ever since, ducking WittmanFaces, jumping over G-Wiz, and avoiding stints on the DNP-Conditioning list. He has covered the Washington pro basketball team as a member of the media since 2009. Kyle currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife, loves basketball, and has no pets.