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Wizards Got Words for Media: #KevinSeraphinLife, #GlareWolf & Amusement Parks

Updated: October 11, 2013

Wizards Media Day 2013 wasn’t my first rodeo, it was my fifth. So with that grand introduction, amidst previously unplanned coverage intentions, let’s check some sights and words in pixel form from this year’s frenzied access to well-paid athletes whom we all hope perform well and stuff.

Martell Webster

Martell Webster sits in on the pixel production.

John Wall

“I think it would be a waste of a season, to be honest.”

—John Wall on what would happen if the Wizards made it through the season relatively healthy but still missed out on the playoffs.

Wall said that between his trip to China, spending time with family, and other activities during a busy summer, he was unable to workout with Hall of Famer Gary Payton, which was once reported might happen.

Knock on wood that ain’t bad luck. (I’m sure they’ll connect in the future, with the rapper Too $hort likely to be involved … don’t ask why.)

Bradley Beal

“Sometimes I can get stagnant on offense and just watch guys do what they do. I think sometimes I need to cut a little bit more, move without the ball, and get open.”

—Bradley Beal on what summer film study on his game revealed.

Beal also said he studied the isolation offensive moves of several positional compatriots this summer, including Dwyane Wade, J.R. Smith, and O.J. Mayo. The second-year player also said he watched some “old guys” like Alan Houston. (Last January, Beal told John C. Townsend that he’d been keeping tabs on Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, and Wade … so he’s been making the rounds.)

Beal knows he can’t just be a scorer on this Wizards team. Or, as he said about Wall, “He can’t do all the creating.” So let’s see if he was able to work on those handles while he had to sit out a good portion of the summer recovering from injury.

Emeka Okafor

“It kind of just happens organically throughout the season.”

—Emeka Okafor on building camaraderie, also saying that most team-bonding comes on the road in the NBA . The Wizards were a dreadful 7-34 on the road last season, the season before, 9-24, and the season before that, 3-38 (so, 19-96 over the past three seasons).

Kevin Seraphin

“My nickname, in France, everybody calls me ‘Mister K’.”

—#KevinSeraphinLife, #KSLife

Seraphin, along with John Wall and Trevor Booker, has been with the franchise since 2010 … through the extreme makeover. The difference, he says, between that 2010 locker room and this one:

“Discipline… discipline. That would be the word. Now everybody is more disciplined and we have more serious. Everybody’s more serious. We have fun, but it’s not like anything and everything in the locker room. It’s not joke around all the time.”

Of course, we also asked “Mr. K” to define the rules of #KevinSeraphinLife. The on-camera, media day definition didn’t seem to totally jibe with his social media persona. But hey, he’s a kid and in the NBA… who cares? (I guess.)

Jan Vesely

I, Jan.

John Wall and Bradley Beal - Wizards Media Day 2013

“I heard it was like an amusement park.”

—Bradley Beal on John Wall’s new house. In video game news, Beal says he can’t play Madden with his hometown St. Louis Rams; he chooses the Denver Broncos or the Houston Texans instead.

 “I have everything I need, so I really don’t leave, and it keeps me out of trouble,” claimed John Wall about his new, humble abode. Noted for the next time clerb photo jettison through the series of tubes.

John Wall

John Wall

John Wall

John Wall

“I feel like if I’m winning games, and I have my team in the playoffs, and I’m doing OK and leading my team, I have a great shot at [being an NBA All-Star]. But if you’re not winning… it’s very rare if your team’s not in the playoff race, it’s very rare that it happens. It happened last year with two guys, but I think it happened because some guys were injured and things like that, but those two guys deserved it.”

–John Wall on his NBA All-Star hopes.

He was speaking about Jrue Holiday (now a New Orleans Pelican but on the Philadelphia 76ers when he made All-Star), and Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers. To note, Holiday and Irving were voted on the team by a panel of all NBA coaches.

Wizards Media Day Video Run-Down

{via Sholape Oriola, @lape14}

“Get that boot in there… gotta get that boot in the picture.”

—Martell Webster teased teammate Chris Singleton on media day. Singleton is now without the boot and shooting stand-still jumpers (via the Post’s Michael Lee).

Assuming he remains a Wizard, an opportunity for Singleton will arise at some point. It’s inevitable … with this team. He was declared out for six-to-eight weeks on September 18 after having surgery to correct a Jones fracture to his left foot (so the foot that right handers usually jump off). This would put Singleton’s estimated return from as early as October 30 to around November 13. Surely he wanted to be playing in training camp and preseason after a summer of work, but one wonders if there’s relief to be found in not being thrown into the fire of competition right away. In the ideal, this is the furthest from Singleton’s mind.

Trevor Booker

“I forgot, you don’t smile.”

—Wizards team photographer to a mean-mugging Trevor Booker. That got the Cook Book to crack a meager grin.

Booker, once again experiencing injury issues as he has for most of his career, has yet to see much action in training camp and the preseason.

Eric Maynor

The new most important backup, Eric Maynor.

After the first preseason game, the returns ain’t so great. Let’s give him another chance.

Glen Rice Jr.

“You can work as hard as you want, but if you don’t know where you need to be, you’re just running aimlessly.”

—Glen Rice, Jr. talks about one of the tough parts about transitioning to the NBA, defensive positioning.

John Wall

The End.

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