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VIDEO: John Wall’s ‘One Hundred’, Corey Brewer’s 10-Seconds, and #Pray4Nene

Updated: November 20, 2013


[Ed. Note: Quite a different Wizards locker room in a win, I’d say. The notes and quotes below set the scene for the post-game video pixels that follow. —K. Weidie…]

‘What did John Wall get out of the players meeting?’

Wall: “We just kept it one hundred with each other.”

Evidently, the Brazilian news blames Nene for missed free throws, his words. Otherwise, after a big game and clutch charity stripers on this night, Nene spoke as if he’d just gone several rounds with George Foreman after running a marathon to feed impoverished wizards back in the home country.

‘Do you really feel like you’re playing for your nation?’

Nene: “I play for my Lord first, for my fans, for my friends, and, definitely, my country. But you know how it is, people who support you, people who hate you for the success that you have, you know, at the end of the line, at the end of the night, what matters here is what I’m doing here for my team. That’s Wizard, that’s what I represent here.”

Truly, #Pray4Nene

FINALLY, and for the controversy… Corey Brewer of the Minnesota Timberwolves talks about what he remembers about Martell Webster’s big 3-pointer with 42 seconds left that put the Wizards up 100-98:

Brewer: “I seen Nene with the ball for like 10 seconds, then it was kicked out, and he hit a 3. It was a big shot, tough break.”

TAI’s Adam McGinnis brings the video and reports from the post-game locker room scene:


And for the play in question… What do you think?

(I probably would not call a 3-second violation, but it certainly looks like Nene got away with a travel. Blasted wizards and their trickery again.)


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