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Not Really an Otto Porter UPDATE: He Shoots Basketballs (Video)

Updated: December 2, 2013


OK, so this isn’t really an Otto Porter update. In fact, some members of the media are starting to get really perturbed when someone asks for an Otto Porter update. Meanwhile, the Wizards seem to be contently oblivious in their silence. They probably have a faint idea of when Porter might be able to play, but it certainly doesn’t provide any benefit to them for the public to know. Let the people of #SoWizards Nation squirm.

Otherwise, Porter started practicing a week ago today, and judging from recent, but obscure, words from Randy Wittman and John Wall, it sounds like Porter might actually be available to participate in NBA basketball at some point in the future—near or far, but sounds closer to near. It’s nice that the Wizards have a third overall draft pick—and one of the top players in all of college basketball last season—marinating on their bench … if it ends up working out for them.

On Saturday before the game against the Atlanta Hawks, I shot video of Porter taking some jumpers during a pre-game workout session with Glen Rice. During my five minutes or so of watching, Porter only missed about three shots and drained a lot more. Yes, unguarded. Yes, not in a game … not even a summer league game. But, basketball action nonetheless … on some level.





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