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Randy Wittman on Jordan Crawford, Eastern Conference Player of the Week

Updated: December 9, 2013


Ex-Wizard Jordan Crawford was announced as winner of the Eastern Conference Player of the Week award today. The players whom the Wizards got in a return for trading Crawford to the Boston Celtics last February, Jason Collins and Leandro Barbosa, are no longer in the NBA. With Washington fielding one of the weakest bench units in the NBA, they could sure use a playmaker and scorer with the talents of Crawford right about now. The team has got to be kicking itself for getting nothing in return, right?

We asked Wizards coach Randy Wittman about this very subject before tonight’s game against the Nuggets. His response in video and text below:

“It was the right situation for us to do with Bradley [Beal] being where he was. I think he was not accustomed to wanting to play off the bench, and we felt that Bradley was the guy we were going for [in the starting spot]. And now he’s in a situation where he’s starting again [in Boston].

“You can’t look back like that. You always have to look forward. You can’t undo things like that, even if you wanted to undo it, so why worry… I don’t ever try to let myself go ‘Geez, why did we do that?’ because you can’t undo anything. Hey, we all know what Bradley can become and who he is right now, and we’re real pleased with that.”