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If Paul George’s 360 Dunk is a 9.9, John Wall’s Dunk on Greg Monroe is WHAT?

Updated: January 20, 2014

Paul George displayed for the world an amazing dunk on Saturday night. One that completely overshadowed John Wall’s great dunk on Greg Monroe, and one that overshadows all in-game dunks that came before it.

According to one Candace Buckner of USA Today Sports, George’s dunk reduced all those in attendance to see it live to the most simple, primitive, uneducated form of man. “After the dunk, the sold-out crowd acted as if it had witnessed the creation of fire,” wrote Buckner—2.5 million years of humans becoming who they are today, lost. The exodus from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana was an odd and surreal scene.

There is room for a bit of debate, however. Is a 360 in-game dunk truly better than a dunk ON someone? The uniqueness, or rarity, of the 360 windmill probably trumps for that mere fact, but a higher difficultly level might be debated. Certainly not as good as George’s, but Wall pulled off his own 360 dunk earlier this season, we remind you.

Again, this post is not an argument to say that Wall’s dunk on Monroe is better than George’s, but it might live in the same neighborhood. And I’m also betting, sans digging through YouTube archives, that someone else’s in-game dunk ‘on’ someone lives in a bigger house than George’s.

The matter at hand: I’m willing to concede Paul’s dunk as a 9.9 out of 10. (“Concede” sounds like an odd word to use here, I know. Also, 10s are precious; I don’t even think LeBron is a ’10’ in ESPN’s annual #NBArank exercise.) So if’ Paul’s dunk is a 9.9, Wall’s dunk on Monroe would be…

This is where your vote is needed. Check the dunk, check the poll below.






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