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Nene Starts Night by Blocking LeBron, Ends by Dunking on Him

Updated: January 16, 2014
[original image via the Internets]

[original image via the Internets]

Nene Hilario, hallowed by thy name.

He might assign responsibility to the ‘Spirit’ for his ability to leap through the air against a self-proclaimed king. But let’s not do a disservice to Nene himself. Maybe God gave him the tools, but the supposed all-knowing one supposedly gives a lot of people the tools. Credit Nene for his hustle, for staying engaged, for using his feet, for punishing the rim like it was a false idol.

No other Wizard has the same impact as Nene in terms of both team basketball and defense. We’ll break this down by looking at some defensive-based stats:

  • The Wizards allow 102.9 points per 100 possessions as a team—their Defensive Rating (DefRtg).
  • In Nene’s 873 minutes on the court this season, Washington’s team DefRtg drops to 98.6, which would rank fourth-best in the NBA.
  • No other Wizard who plays significant minutes (300 or more) can claim such an impact.
  • In the 933 minutes Nene has been off the court, Washington’s DefRtg jumps to 107.0—that’s an 8.4-point difference. Big.

Now, we move on to the carnage…

First, Nene’s block on LeBron in the opening stanza:


And now Nene’s rim-job dunk on LeBron that eviscerated the Heat from the game’s inner-belly:


Ah, Internets…


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