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Tony Kornheiser Said WHAT? More Opinion on Vesely, Maynor, Andre Miller, and Grunfeld

Updated: February 22, 2014


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Almost 48 hours have elapsed since the trades of Eric Maynor and Jan Vesely, and since the Wizards have not played a game in that span, that void has been filled with wide-ranging opinions about Ernie Grunfeld’s latest move. Most of the writers here on TAI seemed to be lukewarm on the trade, and generally directed their venom toward Grunfeld’s overall tenure, while others chose to focus on how Andre Miller’s skill set will make the Wizards better.

Tony Kornheiser (who isn’t a exactly a favorite of some writers on TAI), co-host of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, also decided to weigh in on the trade via his daily radio show on Sportstalk 980 in Washington D.C.  Kornheiser, by his own admission, does not currently follow the Wizards as closely as he did as a Washington Post columnist, when he coined the “Curse o’ Les Boulez” phrase and frequently took shots at Abe Pollin, Bob Ferry, and Gilbert Arenas, but he’s still a media personality with large platform.

For someone who is notoriously grumpy about the Wizards, and everything else, Kornheiser was surprisingly upbeat about the Grunfeld’s trade deadline move, while managing to take some shots at the departing Wizards.

Kornheiser on Jan Vesely:

“Less than three full years ago, he was the number six overall pick, and within a year Randy Wittman had buried him. Utterly buried him because he’s the only Euro ever who can’t shoot. He can’t shoot. I’m serious, he’s the only one who can’t shoot. All the Euros, they all shoot like Dirk Nowitzki. He jumps out of the gym, he’s a fabulous jumper, but he can’t do anything, he has no offensive basketball skills. They have sent him where they sent the other guy who jumped out of the gym and with no other skills, JaVale McGee. They sent him to Denver.”

Kornheiser on Eric Maynor:

“He got to the Wizards and earned the backup point guard job, and then Wittman buried him like cheese. I don’t think he’s played in two months, I think he hasn’t gotten off the bench in two months. [Note: Tony was wrong here, Maynor played briefly against the Warriors on Jan. 28th. —R.M.] And why? Because if you watch the games, when he gets in the game, the tempo of the team is so much slower than when John Wall is in the game, that it seems to throw the Wizards off, and he’s [Maynor] a guy who pounds the ball a lot.”

[Ed. Note: Funny, because Maynor never really “earned” anything as a Wizard. He was pretty bad from day one. —K.W.]

Kornheiser on Andre Miller:

“They have traded for a total malcontent, who is 80 years old, who pounds the ball as much as anyone in the league, but was a very good player in his prime.”

Kornheiser on Ernie Grunfeld:

“This is a typical Ernie Grunfeld move. Ernie Grunfeld makes a bad move, he drafts Jan Vesely overall number six, his own coach Randy Wittman buries the guy for a year and a half, and he’s gotta get rid of him. He brings in [Andray] Blatche and he brings in McGee, and he brings in the worst of them, Swaggy P [Nick Young], who never passes the ball, and I know he scores a lot of points, but he’s not good for the team. And he extricates himself from these circumstances. He gets rid of Gilbert Arenas, and actually makes a good deal to get rid of Gilbert Arenas… But Ernie Grunfeld is David Blaine. I don’t know how this happens. He puts himself in terrible personal jeopardy, and then pulls the trigger. Here’s what the Wizards have done, they gave up two guys who don’t play any minutes for a guy who will play minutes. I can’t stress this enough, Ernie Grunfeld got rid of two guys who weren’t ever going to help, so you gotta give him some high marks.”

Kornheiser on Otto Potter:

“You think Vesely stunk, he’s [Porter] the number three overall pick, and he can’t get on the court, and his coach [Wittman] has no use for him whatsoever. It’s a total lost year.”


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