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A Wizards Playoff Series Win Worthy of WizzNutzz Incites

Updated: April 30, 2014

[Ed. Note: When double-u double-u double-u dot wizznutzz dot com went the way of your grandmother’s programs when she couldn’t figure out her e-Bill, the blogs wept; the blogs WERE, but they wept, weakened by the absence of incites.

But as Jeff Goldblum once said in a movie about dinosaurs:  “Life breaks free, it expands to new territories, and crashes through barriers painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh, well, there it is.” The incites returned, on Twitter (@wzzntzz). Today, TAI plays host. Helmets, please. -C. Dirks]

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Hand on the Ground for the Second Round

The devil Mara attacked Buddha over and over, tempting him with beautiful women and Mike Miller. He was relentless, offering sensual pleasures in the form of free homophobic chicken, discontent in the potholed body of Jahidi, hunger and thirst because 7Dray ate all the chow, craving for a victory that Antawn’s angry honeydews could not deliver, sloth and torpor from Nick Young’s inability to process information greater than “destroy dat azz,” fear from Javaris Cortez Crittenton’s real #fingagunz, doubt from Ernie’s love of European porn, conceit and ingratitude in JCraw’s constant body slump, false fame from Javale playing like all Three Stooges, and self-exaltation from disparaging others in Gilbert’s inability to accept blame for his actions, including but not limited to bringing guns in the locker room and dropping a deuce in another human’s footwear.

But Buddha always deflected Mara, shunting his machosensuous deceptions like Hot Plate Williams did nutrition.

Mara launched one last offensive, attacking Buddha with the demand to show that he is now truly an awakened being, not a false prophet in a sea of samsara. As Buddha sat meditating, his left hand just above the #badtouch region, he put his right hand to the Earth and said, “I am.”

The Earth is his witness. He needed no others.

And Mara vanished like the Chicago Bulls.

The Earth is our witness, too. We need no other proof that we belong in the second round of life. Take no pride, no joy, just be.


Remember, as you sit alone late at night, Utz crumbs covering your tummy like the dust of a thousand deserts, you ARE. Reach down from your hand-me-down Lay-Z Boy and touch the filthy carpet.

You ARE.

There is no value in social media, in basketball, in sports, in anything tangible. But there are riches to be had from what they can do to bring together the urban disenfranchised, isolated dreamers, the rural lost, and astral travelers because we all meet in this common place of love and distended engorgement for something that fills the void in our cubicle lives.

It’s of no worth, but it IS.

Touch the Earth.

Wizards Twitter is the third-person singular present tense of “to be”:

It IS.

Touch the Earth.

The Wiz may have no weaknesses — bbbbrrrraaaaaaaapppp — but you do. S’fine.

Touch the Earth.



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[via @wzzntzz]

[via @wzzntzz]

[via @wzzntzz]