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VIDEO: Did Someone Say PLAYOFFS? The Washington Wizards Did

Updated: April 3, 2014



Some people contemplate the meaning of life. I contemplate the meaning of the Washington Wizards securing a postseason berth after six long, measly years with seven regular season games left. If there even is significant meaning in such a thing.

There was an explosion of attending media present after last night’s clinching win over the Celtics. Local sports anchors charged into the post-game fight for elbow room like the cavalry after bombers and trench-dwellers had cleared the embattled area for years. The scene featured an array of puffed-out chests, hair gel, and logo’d microphones charging into the scrum like blind fencers and asking big picture questions like, ‘What is the meaning of life in the playoffs?’

Is this a digression? No, it’s an excuse. Or a scene set as a backdrop for Marcin Gortat’s words.

“Again, we’re getting satisfied after a win. We’re thinking like we won the championship, but it was just a simple win. At some point it was obvious we were going to clinch a spot in the playoffs. We still got to finish the season.”

A simple win? Do you know how many ‘simple wins’ the Wizards have come across since last making the playoffs? One hundred and fifty-six, to be exact. Compare that to 313 losses and you get a .333 winning percentage.

But really, that’s all it was. The work is not done. That simple win over Boston is just as capable of being forgotten if it’s not built upon. I will continue to contemplate the meaning of the Wizards making the playoffs in meaningless ways. Most of all, right now, it means the season will be longer. A lottery May won’t be a rite of passage, a celebration of not failing to meet a reasonably-set bar of accomplishment, and dammit, it means that the Wizards are not sucky losers that everyone can make fun of. And that counts for something.

Otherwise, let’s hear from the mouths of Wizards. At least one pressure valve of John Wall’s promised land has been released. Randy Wittman, Marcin Gortat, Al Harrington, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, and of course, John Wall… Let us go.


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