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D.C. Council 77: Wizards 78 vs Bulls 96: Bulls On Parade Behind Raging Defensive Machine

Updated: April 7, 2014

Truth About It.net’s D.C. Council: setting the scene, recapping key points, providing the analysis, evaluating players, and catching anything that you may have missed from the Washington Wizards. Game No. 77: Wizards vs. Bulls, featuring Adam McGinnis (@AdamMcGinnis) and Sean Fagan (@McCarrick) from the Verizon Center, Chinatown.

Washington Wizards 78 vs Chicago Bulls 96
[box score]


It was a ‘Garrett Temple on the cover’
type of game.

[Garrett Temple Game Program Cover - photo via A. McGinnis]

[Garrett Temple Game Program Cover – photo via A. McGinnis]

But hey, Marcin Gortat & Polish Cheerleaders…

[Marcin Gortat and Polish Cheerleaders - photo via Adam McGinnis]

[Marcin Gortat and Polish Cheerleaders – photo via Adam McGinnis]


Stat(s) of the Game.

The first half was an offensive monstrosity. Consider this a warning of the upcoming ugly pixels. In the opening half, Washington shot 13-for-42 from the field (31%), committed seven turnovers to seven assists, shot 0-for-8 on 3-pointers, 0-for-4 from free-throw line, were out rebounded by 11, and were outscored by 12 in transition. Together, John Wall and Marcin Gortat shot 9-for-16 on field goals. The rest of their teammates went 4-for-26. D.J. Augustin and Carlos Boozer combined for more first half points (27) than the entire Washington team (26). You were forewarned about this repulsiveness…….

—Adam McGinnis (@AdamMcGinnis)


DC Council Key Legislature
I was out late on Friday night, so maybe I should mail it in like the Wizards did against Bulls and leave this section blank. But that would not be cool to those reading our game coverage … at least not at this point.

Due to traveling from Friday evening contests, both the Bulls (from Chicago) and Wizards (from New York) arrived in D.C. around 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. But the Wizards used it as a crutch; the Bulls did not. Chicago dug in and played outstanding defense against a listless Washington squad. The Bulls also appeared motivated after losing their two previous games against the Wizards this season.

Joakim Noah was interviewed in French afterward and the only words that could be made out in English were: “We beat that ass tonight.” Noah’s assessment is probably the only analysis needed for this whooping.

In such a Saturday night massacre, where Chicago doubled up Washington’s score for the first two and a half, quarters, the key moment was honestly the opening tip. Sure, the Wizards cut the lead to 11 once at end of the third quarter, but that was insignificant. The positive takeaway is that the game concluded.

—Adam McGinnis (@AdamMcGinnis)

[Doubled-up with Cuppy Coffee -- photo via A. McGinnis]

[Doubled-up with Cuppy Coffee — photo via A. McGinnis]


DC Council Chair

Marcin Gortat.

Things that Marcin Gortat Brought to the Bulls game:

  1. His own partisan crowd of Polish supporters;
  2. His own dance troupe who made the Wizards Girls look minor league;
  3. The Ambassador of Poland to the U.S., who had a nice shiny eagle for Marcin;
  4. Three members of the Polish military who had time-travelled from the Soviet Union in 1972 just for this event;
  5. Enough energy to at least attempt to play the Bull straight up.

Things every other Wizards brought to the Bulls game:

  1.  …………

—Sean Fagan (@McCarrick)


DC Council Vetoed Participation

Emo Martell Webster has gone from an object of pity and understanding to one of derision and scorn. With Trevor Ariza spending a good 80 percent of the game doubled over on the bench with the flu, seconds away from puking into a towel, this was a game that Webster should have stepped up and assumed a more active presence, considering that every starter with the exception of Gortat was running on fumes. Instead, Webster once again ghosted through the game, hoisted a few errant shots, and then disappeared following the proceeding conclusion. Gregarious, active-in-the-offense Martell seems to have left the building. For now, all hail Emo Webster who comes complete with a burdensome contract.

—Sean Fagan (@McCarrick)


DC Council Top Aide

After 26-point putrid first-half offensive performance that deserved to be torched in a dumpster fire, the Wizards finally showed signs of life in a 35-point third quarter. John Wall led that charge with 12 points and three assists in the third stanza. This was the only moment of legitimate cheers by the home crowd. Fairly or unfairly, superstar players get blamed when their teams lose and get credit when they win. In New York on Friday night, no one harped on Wall’s seven turnovers because the Wiz pulled out the victory. (Wall now leads the NBA in total turnovers with 283 on the season.) Wall finished with a solid line of 20 points, six assists, and only one turnover against the Bulls, but he is the leader of Washington and they were thoroughly embarrassed by a potential playoff foe.

—Adam McGinnis (@AdamMcGinnis)

A Single Highlight.



DC Council Session

That session was … a mugging.

If you have ever had the misfortune of being jacked up, you know that a mugging happens suddenly and that you rarely have enough time to prepare yourself for what is about to befall you. You have a clear sense of danger and then all of the sudden you are on the ground or being held at the point of a weapon, having your possessions and your pride taken away from you in one fell swoop. The Bulls mugged the Wizards on Saturday night, emerging out of the back alley to knock Washington on the back of the head and attempt to take away any momentum Washington may have had from its previous two wins. There is a school of thought that “reading body language” doesn’t tell you anything about a player or a team, but the body language of the Bulls was clear, both before and after the game.

‘We are going to kick your ass and there is nothing at all you can do about it.’

The Bulls barked at the refs, stomped angrily to bench during timeouts, and would then come back onto the floor to take the Wizards back to the woodshed. It was a relentless, persistent performance that left you gasping at the sheer brutality. At the end of the first half of play the score stood at Chicago 52, Washington 26 and the rout was complete.

—Sean Fagan (@McCarrick)


DC Council Mayor
Randy Wittman was positively beatific following the loss, acknowledging that the Wizards had their clocks cleaned and that, in a way, it was “a good loss,” as the Wizards could go back to the tape, analyze the mauling, and use it as fuel for a future possible matchup. Of course, there was not much else Wittman could have said following such a thorough drubbing. He can’t afford to give his team the hair dryer treatment this close to the playoffs for fear of cracking their egos, nor can he completely disengage from the loss, as it was to a possible first-round playoff opponent. He tipped his cap and #PRAYED4NENE, because that was all he could do.

—Sean Fagan (@McCarrick)


The Password Game.


Polish Heritage Night.

[Marcin Gortat and Polish Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf - photo via A. McGinnis]

[Marcin Gortat and Polish Ambassador Ryszard Schnepf – photo via A. McGinnis]

[Wizards Polish Heritage Night sponsors - photo via A. McGinnis]

[Wizards Polish Heritage Night sponsors – photo via A. McGinnis]



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