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Satoransky Interview Translation on Free Agency, the Wizards, and Summer League

Updated: June 17, 2014

Ed. Note: Below, TAI’s Lukas Kuba (@Luke_Mellow) transcribes a June 9 Tomas Satoransky interview with Czech BasketMag where he discusses his future and the Washington Wizards. Click to read further about Satoransky’s status and its implications for the Wizards. -Kyle W.


Tomas Satoransky: By the day of NBA Draft I should know the Wizards’ decision

June 9, 2014 – via

On when he will begin to deal with his new contract offers:

Inasmuch as I already have some information about some of the offers, after a few days off I want to sit down, talk with my agent, my family, my girlfriend, and assess what would be the best for me. The next few days are going to be crucial.

On the Spanish media reports that ACB League’s top teams—e.g. Malaga, Valencia, and Barcelona—want him:

I can confirm that some of those teams do, but not all of them. I don’t want to name them outright yet, but yes, there’s interest in myself from various Spanish teams. There are teams that I’m focusing on and that I’m significantly considering, and then there are those that don’t interest me that much.

On if all Spanish Euroleague teams are interested in him:

Well, not all of them. [Note: Saty may be hinting at Real Madrid here.]

On if he was surprised when Maccabi Tel Aviv upset Real Madrid in the Eurolague 2014 final:

We talked about it with our coaching staff in Seville. Firstly, Real was in a kind of slump especially in comparison with their play at the beginning of the season, when they completely dominated against any European team. Moreover, it’s a win-or-go-home tournament format and thus it’s very difficult to designate some team as the favorite to win it all. In the last three years, the Euroleague championship was won by teams with the smallest budget [Note: among the Final-4 teams], teams which were least expected to win the title. But Maccabi played absolutely great in the final, they were confident and it seemed to me that they out-physicaled Real.

On if, in some regard, it isn’t more tempting to be a starting point guard on top Euro teams like Barcelona, Valencia, or Malaga, than the uncertainty in the NBA:

This is one of the things that I consider, too, and the thing I’ll continue to consider. Which situation will be suitable for me, what will help me further in my career. After this season, I’d like to be on the team where there’s more rivalry and competition [between guards], where I’ll fight for a spot in the rotation. In Seville, I had a huge trust from the head coach this year, when he let me play over 30 minutes per game. For this I’d like to thank a lot to Cajasol and the coaching staff. Now it’d be great to fight for a spot on some stronger team. I mean, not to downright fight some playing time minutes, but rather what I have in mind is that competition would be with a very good point guard with whom I’d split playing time at the one spot.

On if he’d mind coming off the bench next season:

Of course, I’d prefer being the number one [point guard] and to be in the tightened-up rotation. But I can imagine that, after the situation I had in Seville, my playing time minutes won’t increase. To the contrary, my minutes will go down, but that’s logical. However, I’m not saying that playing for Cajasol Seville next season is ruled out, nevertheless it’s less likely.

On if being just 22 years old and the sixth most valuable player (ACB Ranking) in the best domestic league in Europe helps him in order to get a better deal this summer:

Every better season in any sport statistics-wise helps in order to get better offers. It’s a good guideline for teams which don’t know that much about me. But teams which know me, they rather watch how I play on the court, they don’t care about those numbers as much.

On his Cajasol and Czech national team teammate center, Ondrej Balvin, one of the best rebounders in the ACB League this year:

He made a lot of progress in this facet of the game. Unlike in the last several years, he had a huge responsibility getting rebounds. Moreover, practicing against our other centers, [Willy] Hernangomez and [Kristaps] Porzingis, helped him a lot. Those guys helped each other a lot. Balvin was our leader in reobounds, we had a very tall team, so it was important winning the rebound battle, on defense and on offense, too.

On young big man Ondrej Balvin’s role on the Czech national team under the new coach Ronen Ginzburg:

He’s not a typical big-man center who just stands under the basket, blocking some shots and getting some boards. In the Spanish ACB league, a big man who’s not mobile is basically unplayable. Even [Cajasol head coach] Aito, he didn’t want him to double-team much, but he demanded an aggressive defense of pick-and-rolls from him. So I think Ondrej is going to be a huge part of the national team.

On his plans until the Czech national team’s training camp for EuroBasket 2015 qualification games starts in August:

Aside from deciding on my future, I want to rest as much as possible in that one month [July] before the training camp with the national team begins. I feel like I played basketball ten months in a row nonstop, that’s why I’d welcome some time off. I’d like to spend another few days in Seville, after that to travel across Spain and then I’ll return home to Prague, where I’m gonna work out for games with the national team and, hopefully, my future’s resolved by then.

On reports that the Wizards want him to play on their Summer League team this summer:

As I’ve already said, I don’t want to play Summer League ball for the Wizards. I already played for them in the Summer League so they saw me play there, they know my game and I don’t see any reason why I should play there again. [Another] Summer League would do close to nothing for my individual improvement. Provided that, in the future, some other NBA team would want me to play [Summer League] for them, maybe I’d think about it, but that’s hypothetically speaking.

On if the Wizards could invite him to participate in some kind of pre-Summer League minicamp:

They didn’t inform me about any such camp yet, and I think that it’s not going to happen, either. Going to the U.S. now wasn’t in my plans at all. The main thing was to relax before the important [qualification] games with the national team.

On when was the last time  he met with someone from the Wizards front office:

That was when we played Barcelona at home, at the end of January, I met with them in person. Otherwise, they communicate with my agent, which is better because I could concentrate on the season.

On the likelihood of him playing for the Wizards next season:

I don’t want to waste time putting out some probabilities anymore. I don’t know—that’s more of a question for them. I can’t make decisions for them.

On when a definitive decision from the Wizards side should come:

The final decision should come by June 26, the day of [NBA] draft. That’s at least what I think.


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