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Coming in 2015: The Marcin Gortat Action Figure

Updated: October 17, 2014



On Thursday Marcin Gortat posted a picture of himself to his Instagram account with the caption, “Few photos before my action figure will come out! Im excited as sh.. people! Hope we gonna sell at least 100.”

It came with the prerequisite Gortat-esque hashtags: “#firstTime #IWillHave #actionFigure #gzzzzz #took #me #8years #toHaveOne #go #getOne.”

On Friday I asked Gortat about his action figure, amongst other things, such as the pick-and-roll with John Wall, recovering from a shoulder injury, and staring at white walls to contemplate.

So a little birdie on Instagram told me that you are going to have your very own action figure.

“Yeaaa!! (excited smile)

“Well, Washington was kind enough to build a little project for me — my own action figure. During the summer, I was able to see it in the preparation mode when we were building it. And I like it, I approve of it, and I think it’s going to be interesting. I’ve never had an action figure in my life, so I guess it took me eight years to get one, finally.”

So it’s not like a bobble-head or anything. It’s more like a G.I. Joe-type of figure? [Note: I did NOT want to use the word “doll” as any sort of reference.]

“I would say so … more like a G.I. Joe. I’m definitely going to get a bunch of them for kids back in Poland and as a little gift for different people. I’m going to sign a few of them and it’s going to definitely be exciting for a lot of people.”

[I ask Gortat if he knows when it’s going to debut, and he pings the nearby, always-open ears of a PR team member who relays that the action figures will be given away on January 31, 2015, when the Wizards play the Toronto Raptors at the Verizon Center.

Gortat mentions that it will definitely happen before Polish Heritage night, which led into my next question about any other special events he has planned for this season.]

“We are definitely thinking about Polish Heritage Night. We don’t know if we’re going to do two. We definitely want to have one. To be honest with you, it’s a lot of work to set up all that stuff, and then it’s not easy for the Polish community to spend an additional $50, $60, $70 on every game to come here and celebrate, especially that they don’t really see much except the game and a little conversation with me afterward.

“This year we are planning to do a couple different things, maybe like a small picnic for them that they can enjoy and do different things. We’ll see. I’m thinking about doing a little camp with the kids for the Polish community.”

Over the summer you had to recover from a shoulder injury. How is that going?

“I feel great. I definitely don’t have any problems with the shoulder. I’m pain free. I still am a little limited on the bench press in the weight room, but pretty much I’m good, I can do everything. I pretty much forgot about it. I don’t take anymore treatments for it because it’s pretty much healed. I think it’s more mentally in my head — sometimes if I feel pain I think it’s more psychologically than physically in my body.”

Remind me of the origin of the injury again.

“I got hit — I think it was Carlos Boozer who hit me in the playoffs. I had a decent pain… I had a big pain. In the playoffs I was playing with taking pain killers, but now everything is fine. It’s not an injury that I can’t play (with), it’s like a blister on the foot. It’s going to better but at the same time it’s going to bother you.”

You and John Wall and the pick-and-roll. When you arrived in D.C. it was clear that you guys needed to build a rapport, and that improved as the season went along. After the season you both said that you were going to try to get together and work on it in the offseason, but I know that each of you had busy summertime schedules.

“Yea, first of all he was taking care of his stuff — he had obviously the USA national team camp, so I obviously was not able to go work out with him. One thing I also know, he also did some little procedures*, some little surgeries to make sure that he’s healthy 100 percent, so he was recovering from that. And then because of my situation I had to go back to Poland, do different stuff, and I was a free agent, so half of the summer I couldn’t really work out. And after I signed the deal, John was there with the national team. It was just bad timing for everything, but I’m definitely hoping that this year we’re going to do something.”

[*This summer Wall underwent a shockwave treatment to relax tendinitis in his left knee, as reported by the Washington Post’s Michael Lee.]

How has that progressed during training camp and preseason. Are you guys trying out different looks or anything?

“Right now, I don’t really believe that we are doing work on a lot of those things because it’s just preseason. Coach is still trying to figure out who he’s going to play, how we’re going to play, and there’s a lot of people that are trying to show off and prove to coach that they deserve playing time. I think the time with John will come in the future, in the upcoming few weeks and months, where we’re really going to focus on playing, especially knowing that right now we are in the game together for no more than five-to-eight minutes. We can’t really work on it now, but I believe that the chemistry on the court will also develop if we develop chemistry in the locker room. And I definitely think my chemistry with John is much better than it was last year. We’re getting to know each other a little bit better. We just need time. Time works for us.”

[via Jesse Blanchard, @blanchardJRB]

[via Jesse Blanchard, @blanchardJRB]

You shared an artist rendering of yourself carrying a bear on Instagram recently. I actually know the artist who did it (Jesse Blanchard, @blanchardJRB). What did you think of it?

“I think it’s a tremendous picture. It’s amazing how he did it. I like it. I’ve never had that kind of a picture on my Instagram so I decided to post it. I connect those two events and being selected by the ESPN [as the 57th-best player in the NBA per ESPN’s #NBArank].

“It kind of describes what I like to do — lift a lot and just fight and stuff like that.”

Does this now make the bear your spirit animal? Because I asked you about that last year during the playoffs and you weren’t quite sure, but said that you had a fish at home.

“I don’t know. I still don’t know. I don’t really have one. The machine is my spiritual thing. Running and moving like a machine, just doing everything like a machine. Never get tired, never get sick, and just keep working every day. Like a little machine.”

At this point, Kevin Seraphin wanders over and I ask if he wants a drawing of himself and a bear, too?

Gortat: “No, he wrestles cats.”

Seraphin: “That’s pretty, pretty, pretty dope. That’s pretty dope. Can you get one of me with a lion?”

You had an interview with a Polish outlet this summer and I read a translation of it (seen on TAI via Polish correspondent Bart Bielecki). You said that in moments of contemplation that you like to stare at a white wall. What can you tell me about that process?

“A lot of people think different ways. A lot of people focus and meditate in different ways. The time when I have a lot of things on my mind, or when I’m confused with some things, or I’m coming back after the game and I played bad and I’m trying to find a reason why I played bad … or when I’m trying to bring myself down to earth, it’s a situation where I like to sit down and be alone. And most of the time when I’m thinking about those things is at night when I’m by myself laying down in the bed and just staring at the white wall. Or coming back home and I’m not even turning on the T.V. because I just want to have peace and quiet. So that’s the time I’m looking at the wall — or if not the wall, I’m just staring in front of me. And most of the time it happens to be a white wall. That’s why I just like to sit down and think about where I am, where I would like to be … if I’m doing everything correct, if I should do something different, do I treat a certain situation the right way. I’m thinking about everything and analyzing my life and everything I do.

“I think each one of us is doing it, it’s just in a different situation. Some people are doing it driving cars and that’s why they smack somebody in front of them because they are in deep thoughts at the time. But each one of us is doing it in a different way. It’s just sitting and staring right in front of me, and 99 percent of the time it’s just a white wall. It has to be quiet, and trust me, I’ve caught myself sitting there for two hours sometimes, and I’m just thinking about everything. So it is what it is.”


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