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Glen Rice and Otto Porter Become Bane and a Ninja Turtle for Halloween

Updated: November 1, 2014


On Monday evening at the Verizon Center, the Washington Wizards hosted a “Healthy Halloween,” for local D.C. families. There were various game stations, hoop shot, face painting, and craft areas. The dressed-up kids received treats and were able to meet a trio of Wizard Girls on hand. But the main attraction was the presence of Otto Porter and Glen Rice, Jr. … Sorry, Bane, the DC Comics villain, and Michelangelo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.



The players chatted with the happy youngsters, signed autographs, and granted every picture request. Both of them seem to enjoy being in costume as much as the children. I asked the Wiz Kids about their favorite costumes growing up.

“I can’t even remember, this is my best costume,” said Glen Rice. “I definitely got the candy but I didn’t dress up that much.”

Porter’s memory was sharp, “Ninja, I think that I wore that three times in a row. Football player when I got a little older. And the Grim Reaper.”

Otto also displayed fondness for a famous movie mask. “And then ‘Scream,’ with the blood pouring, I had that. I used to scare all the girls with that.”

Both of them admitted that this was their first time dressing up in a long time, and neither went to any costume parties in college. (Step it up, Georgetown and Georgia Tech). They chose their getups based on their favorite movie characters.

“Definitely a ‘Batman’ fan. I was a big Bane fan when I seen ‘Batman,’ ” said Rice. “I almost wanted him to beat Batman. Almost. I just like him.”

“The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie came out not too long ago. I went to go see it. Tough decision, to pick one out of the four (Ninja Turtles), but I had to go with Michelangelo. My favorite all-time,” said Porter.

But why this specific turtle, Otto-angelo?

“Because of these babies right here,” Porter showing off his nunchucks. “But also because he wears orange and he is the coolest. Even though in the movie, he was portrayed as a lover, which he is not, really, he is still the best guy.”

Of course, they both agreed to act their characters, just watch:


Porter listed Kit Kats, Snickers, and Candy Corn as his favorite candy. Rice kept expanding his favorites as he answered. “Big on Reese’s, Kit Kats and Twix—Big 3 right there. And the Snickers. And Nerds, that is my last one to name.”

I always enjoy asking players non-basketball questions because hardly anyone understands what it is like to face an NBA defense, but almost all of us can relate to knocking on doors in late October. Otto had memories from Missouri.

“We used to get in the back of my dad’s truck and go next door, throughout the streets. All kinds of candy. Any and every kind of candy,” he said. But Mama Porter put the smack down when Otto returned with his pile of goodies. “My mom said, ‘Hey, put that candy up, you can’t have any.”

Young Otto still wanted his haul of treats and took matters into his own hands: “We used to sneak into there and get all the candy.”

His mischievous Halloween ways were eventually exposed. “Come to find out, I have cavity,” said Porter.

Mrs. Porter knew exactly what caused this dental issue. “‘What are you doing with a cavity?’ ” said Porter in his mother’s voice. “’Didn’t I tell you not to eat that candy?’ ”

I immediately thought of my own mom trying to limit my candy intake as a youth, too.

Rice was impressed by the crowd. “All the costumes have been pretty good. I have been seeing a lot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so that will definitely take the cake for today.”

So how about his boy Otto’s tortoise disguise?

“This Michelangelo here, he looks a little different but he definitely playing the part.”

The Ninja Turtles love pizza so obviously our conversation had to move to that topic. Does Otto-angelo eat pizza?

“I don’t think that I have ever seen him eat pizza,” said Rice.”

But Otto-angelo loves him some pizza: “Cheese pizza is my favorite kind. Big pizza guy.”

Do you have favorite spot?

“I am Imo’s pizza guy, St. Louis, ya know… And New York pizza. Oh my God, real good.”

Bradley Beal caused a media stir in last year’s playoff series versus the Bulls by calling out Chicago-style pizza.

Otto agreed with his fellow Missourian, “I don’t really like the deep dish. I like the thin.” Any extra spices on your ‘za Otto-angelo? “Little bit of peppers, maybe, that is about it.”

This night was more about reminiscing and creating unforgettable memories for members of the community.

“It is pretty cool. Some are scared but some embrace it. And that is the best thing about it, just giving back to the little guys,” said Porter.

“It is fun to interact with people,” said Rice, “and see everyone else have fun. That is what it makes it so much better.”

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