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Facts Only: Wall’s New Hat, Seraphin’s Shirt from Truth & Gooden’s Powder

Updated: December 3, 2014

What’s going on in the World of Wizards?

The facts only.

[G-Wiz provides fax, these are facts.]

[G-Wiz provides fax, these are facts.]


Fact #1.

John Wall’s hat: the convergence of hipster, blipster, and Smokey the Bear.

You could guess this hat cost $300. You could say that it ought to be laughed at. It’s possible it is made of fibers from an extinct species and was sold under the guise of it being for the modern, urban drill instructor who works on wood. So John Wall purchased it. He does look dashing.

['Much needed win...Coolin #WallWay !!' - via Twitter: @JohnWall]

[‘Much needed win…Coolin #WallWay !!’ – via Twitter: @JohnWall]

['John Wall's hat game. Wow' -- via Twitter: @BenStandig]

[‘John Wall’s hat game. Wow’ — via Twitter: @BenStandig]

Facts Only.

  • John Wall is 1st in the NBA in free throw assists per game (1.3) and is 4th in points created by ‘regular’ assists per 48 minutes (29.8).
  • Andre Miller ranks 7th in points created by assist per 48 with 28.3 (via NBA.com player tracking).
  • The Top 3: Ricky Rubio (39.8), Rajon Rondo (36.1), and Ty Lawson (32.0).
  • Wall’s 27.9 points created by assists per 48 last season tied with him Lawson for 5th-most (amongst those playing 30 or more games).
  • Bonus Fact: Wall has an overall eFG% of .454 that’s .477 with 14 to 24 seconds left on the shot clock and .462 with three seconds or less. All other times during the shot clock’s midsection, Wall shoots worse (via 82games.com).


Fact #2.

Kevin Seraphin tries and he smiles and he tries and he smiles. He is so happy about Paul Pierce giving him a shirt that says “BEAST” that he can probably only be outdone by a church lady who is presented with a ‘Hang in there, kitty’ poster by the handsome and wholesome mailman for hanging above her porcelain angel doing gardening.

['My boy @paulpierce34 just got me this shirt lol cause he thinks I'm a beast on the court. #kslife #beast ' -- via Twitter: @kevin_seraphin]

[‘My boy @paulpierce34 just got me this shirt lol cause he thinks I’m a beast on the court. #kslife #beast ‘ — via Twitter: @kevin_seraphin]

Facts only.

  • Seraphin has angel wings tattooed on his back. Big ones.

More Facts.

  • Seraphin’s PER is down to 9.4 from 12.5 last season and his True Shooting % is down to .519 to .533.
  • He is passing the ball more—3.2 assists per 100 possessions over his career average of 1.6. But he’s also turning the ball over more—4.7 TOs per 100 possessions over his career average of 3.6.
  • #KSlife continues to be a Diane Lane journey of self-discovery and experimentation.
  • The Wizards continue to double-down on their investment.

Facts only?

  • Of the 48 NBA players who have attempted 10 or more hook shots on the season, Seraphin is second only to Roy Hibbert in field goal percentage (75%, via Basketball-Reference.com).
  • How long will the trial continue to last? Probably off and on until Seraphin’s an unrestricted free agent after this season.
  • Otherwise, Seraphin’s firmly and rightly behind Kris Humphries in the rotation and perhaps justifiably ahead of Drew Gooden and DeJuan Blair in some regards (although both those players are more 4s compared to Seraphin position of 5). Both Gooden and Blair can be trusted less than Seraphin on defense if not simply because Seraphin can take up more space and defend better at the rim.


Fact #3.

Watching Drew Gooden play is a running Mad Libs—you might find yourself giggling, you might find yourself rolling your eyes, you might find Gooden suddenly yelling in a personal outburst of emotion that makes you wonder about the topic of his last conversation with the person who sets up the olive bar at Whole Foods. (Drew might just sprinkle you with powder, see below.)

Funny hats are the next best thing in NBA fashion. They scream to the masses that you demand attention, they keep heads warm, and they make a statement: If Indiana Jones wore it—and he’s a professor, like Andre Miller—then it’s good enough for me. My attempted capture of Uncle Drew’s hat after a Wizards game versus the Mavericks does not do many of us justice. Jorge exclaimed that Carmelo Anthony would be jealous.

[The Ghost of Drew Gooden? -- via @Truth_About_It]

[The Ghost of Drew Gooden? — via @Truth_About_It]

Facts Only.

  • According to Basketball-Reference.com (BBR), 119 NBA players have attempted the longest of the long 2-pointers this season (at least 20 of them).
  • Well, not ‘the’ longest, but for purposes of this data, we’re going to run 2-pointers from 17-feet and beyond—so in some cases that’s 22 feet if in the corner, some cases 23.75 if around the 3-point arc. One could guess that the actual longest 2-pointer is beyond 22 feet, which is a 3-pointer in some instances.
  • But, alas, BBR says that no one has attempted a 2 beyond 22 feet this season (stats ain’t perfect). Only one player, evidently, has attempted long 2s beyond 21 feet, and that’s LaMarcus Aldridge, who is apparently 9-for-21 on such shots.
  • But back to Gooden and 2-pointers 17 feet and beyond….
  • Of the 119 shot shooters, Gooden ranks 34th in field goal percentage (.455, 10-for-22).
  • Other Wizards on these shots include Otto Porter (13-for-27, .481, ranked 24); John Wall (27-for-68, .397, ranked 66); Paul Pierce (11-for-29, .379, ranked 72); Kris Humphries (9-for-25, .360, ranked 87).
  • James Harden curiously ranks dead last in FG% (.216, 8-for-37) on long 2-pointers 17-feet and beyond.
  • Keep getting Gooden from deep—Dr. Drizzle is averaging about 2.3 3-point attempts per 10 shots; his career rate is about 0.4 3-point attempts per 10 FGAs.
  • So far Gooden is shooting 50 percent from 3-point range (7-for-14) over his career average of 25.4 percent. Over his two seasons with the Wizards, Gooden is 7-for-32 from deep, averaging 2.7 attempts per 100 possessions on the floor. That’s the same rate as Otto Porter this season.



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