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#BigPanda Update: St. Louis Love, Big Frames, Hot Hoodies

Updated: January 16, 2015


[“They just beat us.” —Beal’s quote on Monday about the Wizards loss in Atlanta]

Bradley Beal, the 21-year-old Wizards shooting guard, hails from St. Louis, Missouri. He often wears Cardinals gear, supports the Rams on Twitter, and, in a NBA TV interview this week, reiterated his love for a local St. Lou pizza spot, Imo’s.

Beal now has youthful company from his home community making a splash on the big time sports scene. Nineteen-year-old Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott thrashed Oregon in the national title game this past Monday, rushing for 246 yards and four touchdowns. Beal was impressed by the offensive MVP performance of Elliot, who attended Burroughs High School in St. Louis.

“I was proud of him. I don’t really know him personally. So, just in terms of what he has done. All the hard work he has put in. It is terrific to go to a big-time school like that and perform on such a high level and on high stage like that,” said Beal. “I’m happy for him. I’m happy for the city. Glad he is representing the right way.”

Both of these youthful talents chose to attend college out of state. Their decisions to spurn the University of Missouri still upsets Kim English, a former Mizzou guard, who played in 41 games for the Detroit Pistons in the 2012-13 season (and a 2014 Wizards summer leaguer) and currently plays professionally in France. English was salty on Monday night.


I recently informed Beal of English’s bitterness that he and Elliott never became Tigers.

“Yeah, [English] is still mad to this day,” said Beal. You are a hometown kid, you are supposed to stay home but it didn’t work out that way. Sometimes the dominoes don’t fall in your favor.”

‘Fashion’ Glasses.

Paul Pierce sat out on the Wizards’ victory over the hapless Knicks on Wednesday, January 7, but he got much pub for his choice of eyewear on the bench. The immediate reaction from the basketball Twitterverse was creatively fierce. The frames even made NBA TV’s “The Starters” top moments of last week.

Pierce embraced the notoriety shared these two photos on his Instagram account:



Beal is also known to wear big-rimmed glasses. I asked him for his assessment of what Pierce is attempting with his huge spectacles.

“He is acting like he is 21 again and trying to be a young guy,” joked Beal. But he is a fan of Pierce’s style. “I like it a lot. He is just natural being himself with his own swag.”

It turns out we could be seeing these glasses pop up on other Wizards teammates soon.

“I think he bought everyone on the team a pair, so you might see me with them on in the next couple weeks or so,” said Beal.

The glass are from company called Cazal, and they sure do look appear to be the same style as the ones Spike Lee is modeling on their website. “The Director’s Cut.”


Around the InterWebs.

This Beal half-courter did not count but it was impressive.

Bradley’s oldest brother, Brandon Beal, is sporting a cool hoodie:
“Keep Calm, We Got Bradley Beal”


So does his other brother, Bruce Beal:


Now can someone please make me a Big Panda or Bao Bao Beal one? Thanks!

More Pictures.





(Picture credit to Bruce Beal’s Instagram)

Young Love.

Bradley with his girlfriend, Mikala McGhee:






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