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Half-Smokes: Wizards on Optimus Dime

Updated: January 27, 2015

[Photo via @Joe_Bohnerman]

[Photo via @Joe_Bohnerman]

Most people enjoy using nicknames. The engine of #WizardsTwitter runs on them. One of the proudest moments of our Wiz coverage for 2014 was getting Bradley Beal to embrace the Big Panda moniker given to him by John Wall. The TAI crew then added “Bao Bao” to his list of nicknames, in honor of baby panda at the National Zoo in Washington D.C.

So Wall dishes out the clever names, but aside from JDub, Jimmy Wa, Game Changer, and Wall-Star, John didn’t have a true go to one until now. TAI’s John Converse Townsend, with the help of Bullets Forever’s Jake Whitacre, used a Transformers-themed idea for Wall: “Optimus Dime.” It received immediate positive reviews. The writing staff at CBS SportsLine loves it.

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During a Wizards’ highlight package of their blowout win over 76ers last week, the ascension of the name continued when it was dropped glowingly on SportsCenter.

“They are starting to call—wish that I could take credit for this… They are starting to call John Wall ‘Optimus Dime.’ I love that,” said an ESPN sports anchor.

Wall’s own website has embraced the name.

I asked some of the team what they thought of Optimus Dime.

“Little bit into Transformers, but I had never heard of that until now,” said Porter, “It (the nickname) can work, because his dimes do come automatic like that.” 

“That is cool, I like it,” remarked Butler on Optimus Dime. “That is a cool one right there. I am fan of the Transformers movie and I grew up on the cartoon.”

Humphries admitted when he watches replays of Wizards’ games, he does with the sound off so this is why he might miss any nicknames. He was unaware of Bradley Beal going by Big Panda or Wall calling Butler “Hot & Butter.”

I pressed him for any other nicknames on the team. “I will try to observe and report back to ya, dude,” Humphries said. Fair enough.

Extra Chili-Cheese, Please

The Georgetown men’s basketball team thumped No. 4 Villanova at the Verizon Center last Tuesday, 78-58. The Hoya students spilled onto the floor to celebrate. Hoya coach John Thompson III was not a fan of the storming of the court by the college fans and JTIII was supported by all sorts in the “get off my lawn” crowd. Some love to bemoan any sign of kids enjoying themselves. Notorious Wizards hater Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon had their typical outrage cranked up (via Sports Bog):

“What has happened to Georgetown that they stormed the court [after] beating Villanova?” Tony Kornheiser said Tuesday on his radio show. “I mean, come on. Do people not remember how great Georgetown was? Didn’t that make you want to throw up?”

“Georgetown is one of the all-time great programs under John Thompson, under Big John,” Kornheiser said. “They’ve done very well with JTIII, a very likable fellow, and I’m sorry, you’re Georgetown. You’re Georgetown. A regular season win? Stop it. Stop it!”

Georgetown student Madeline Aurebach had a solid defense of the fans euphoria and threw in a nice, subtle jab at the Hoyas recent post season disappointments:

Yet, in the same vein, I do not think that you can realistically blame or criticize our students. After missing the NCAA tournament last year, a second round loss in the NIT, disappointing inconsistencies, frequent turnover trouble and absence of key players for part or all of the season, it’s understandable that big wins are exciting for us this year.


One of Kornheiser’s key points was that students haven’t done their research and they fail to understand the prestigious nature of Georgetown’s basketball program historically. He notes that there were years when Georgetown was a contender for the national championship every year, thus making it embarrassing that we celebrated a win against a conference rival that didn’t really even pose that much of an uneven match-up. Maybe he is right in that us students should read up a little more on the basketball program we’re so passionate about, but it’s unfair to be upset about the fact that not everyone knows what happened in the 1985 NCAA Championship. It’s unfair to assume that everyone possesses a comprehensive knowledge of Georgetown’s entire athletic history, and it’s unfair to expect that of every student.

Former Hoya star and Wizards’ second-year swingman, Otto Porter, disagreed with his old coach and the bitter PTI crew.

“That is what college is for. You are not going to do that in the NBA. It is college. Kids like to have fun,” said Porter.

Otto likes what he sees out of the current Georgetown team.

“They are coming along. They have a bunch of young guys, each game, they are improving. They showed what they can really do against Villanova. I wasn’t surprised when I saw the score,” said Porter. “I have seen it over the summer how good they can really be if they get the right chemistry and find some type of leadership on the team and go from there.”


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