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Key Legislature: Wizards 99 at Nets 90 – Victory for the Tragically Unhip in Brooklyn

Updated: January 18, 2015

Truth About’s Key Legislature: a quick run-down and the game’s defining moment(s) for Washington Wizards contest No. 41 versus the Nets in Brooklyn, via Sean Fagan (@McCarrick) from his home in Brooklyn.

DC Council Key Legislature

by Sean Fagan.

When jokes are made regarding Brooklyn, they are often directed towards the the borough’s own puffed-up sense of self-worth, its little brother inferiority complex toward the island of Manhattan, or its complete obsession with the newest craze (hand-crafted mayo), or digging up some relic of the past and passing it off as trendy (16th century bonnets). These passions have a shelf life of about two months before the newest “shiny” makes its ascent, and if you were caught wearing a bonnet in Bushwick right now you would probably hear someone snicker “soooo 2013.”

What applies to the borough in turn applies to their “new” sports team, the Brooklyn Nets, who have gone from bright young thing to yesterday’s news in what seems like a matter of moments. The Barclays Center, for all of six months, was a place to see and be seen. Now, Jay-Z has sold his shares and no longer choreographs performances, the overspending Russian owner is bailing, and team itself is so VERY 2013—still trotting out Joe Johnson, Deron Williams (currently injured), and Brook Lopez as it’s “stars.”

However, once having the aura of hip is better than having no aura at all, so it was not surprising that lower level tickets to see the Wizards could be obtained for less money than it takes feed two people at the trendiest vegan restaurant. The Wizards still don’t have that “must-see” factor that Brooklynites cherish above all else, and they certainly did not see an uptick in their “it” quotient after the Nets blew them out in Washington on Friday night after a soooooo 2013 performance from Lopez (26 points, 3 mighty rebounds).

Thus, it was rightly fitting that it was the unhippest of Wizards players who were responsible for taking control of Saturday night’s game against the Nets in the fourth quarter and sending the beanie-wearing, tattooed crowd home unhappy. With 8:28 left in the game, Lopez completed a Nets comeback to tie the game at 81-81 after a made free throw attempt. The Wizards looked listless, the Barclays Center actually had a bit of buzz to it, and the game looked like it was about to tilt on its axis.

Which meant, obviously, it was time to shine for Kevin Seraphin & Co.

Seraphin began his reign of terror with 8:07 left on the board, converting one of his beloved hook shots that drive viewers insane. This was followed by a reverse layup by the mothballed Rasual Butler, another layup by Seraphin, and capped by a Kris Humphries dunk with 6:06 left on the clock to put the score at 89-83, Wizards. This was enough of a cushion that Washington could live or die at the free throw line with Nene and go on to win 99-90. All told, Brooklyn’s efforts were brushed aside by a guy who likes posting pictures of his pets, a veteran on the fringes of the NBA, and a player who is still judged by the masses by who he divorced rather than any particular skill on the basketball court. Also, midrange shooting and rebounding. (Hopefully Humphries rebounded with someone more midrange.) It was tragically unhip, borderline comical, and very much the Wizards.

Much of this season has been spent developing a narrative where John Wall is forced to be considered a premier point guard by the media, Marcin Gortat achieves internet fame for existential proclamations, and the Wizards are considered “real” because a free agent of Paul Pierce’s caliber chose to join them. But it will be the uncool things that decide the fate of the Wizards’ season—Randy Wittman’s janky offense, Seraphin’s midrange jumpers, and Humphries’ defensive positioning. These are the things that need to work for the Wizards 70 percent of the time if they want any sort of postseason success.

Washington will face the slash-and-burn rebuilding Philadelphia 76ers in D.C. on MLK Day, and the ever-conversational Oklahoma City Thunder team at home next Wednesday, before embarking on a four-game road trip versus Portland, Denver, Los Angeles (Lakers), and Phoenix.

Washington will close out January against the Toronto Raptors at home—the Wizards have won just one game (which went into triple-overtime) out of their last six meetings with the Raps. The next test is the best test.



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