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Wizards Fan Caught in Shenanigans or Harmless Behavior? (POLL)

Updated: January 12, 2015

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The Jan. 1 Sugar Bowl, an excellent football game as Alabama and Ohio State tussled in a semi-final college playoff, might have cured even the worst New Year’s Day hangovers. The Crimson Tide took control early but the Buckeyes battled back and eventually pulled off the upset. There were compelling story lines abound: the Big 10 Conference had finally performed on the biggest stage, the SEC West lost five of its seven bowl games after going 28-0 in non-conference games, Ohio State prevailed with a third-string quarterback, and the SEC would not have a team in the championship game for the first time in seven years.

However, the following fan sequence sparked a national interest after the game that overshadowed the actual result of the awesome contest.



(Personally, I wanted more attention to the death stares of this unhappy Ohio State girl.)

Was this girl cheating on her boyfriend, which caused such a chilly reaction once she noticed they were on the big screen?

Deadspin was on the case. Uproxx floated possible ideas to their readers. But the coverage was not limited to sports-related college sites. Gawker speculated on her guilty look. Business Insider started photoshopping screen shots. The celebrity gossip site Popcrunch had an investigatory piece.

Jezebel wanted to know the details. There were thousands of comments on the Reddit thread. And, yes, even National Public Radio (NPR) joined the debate in trying to figure out what was going on.

Eventually, the verdict was: no cheating; she was indeed touching her boyfriend. So much for the frenzy.

So what does this have to do with the Wizards? Well, during Washington’s victory over the hapless New York Knicks, a similar situation played out on the T.V. broadcast. Midway through the second quarter, Knicks forward Jason Smith was at the line for two free throws. After his first attempt, the feed cut away to fans sitting in the front row as Comcast SportsNet Washington play-by-play announcer Steve Buckhantz plugged a new ticket package.


You can see the dude in the blue hoodie react demonstratively to something on the girl’s phone, while her companion stared into the #KnicksTape abyss.

My analysis:

  • The guy she is with seems uninterested in what she is doing at all.
  • She is not hiding her phone screen that much to her bae.
  • Perhaps, the hoodie guy did not see anything incriminating and was just playing for the camera.
  • The peeping Tom mumbles something out loud when he sees her phone contents so he must not be too worried about her hearing him.
  • For his safety, he better not have left a note exposing her like this fan did at Bears game this season. (h/t: @AjayAtayee)

Inquiring minds (me) are curious to what was on her phone to cause such abrupt facial reaction (vote in the poll below).




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