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Martell Webster Releases a Good Single

Updated: February 18, 2015
Don't try this at home.

Don’t try this at home.

Listen. We all know that I don’t know ****. Kevin Durant said so. What you might not know is that my favorite song in the world is “Let Down” by Radiohead. My second favorite song is the early English folk tune “Greensleeves.” These are, again, opinions, because I don’t know ****! (Who knows s*** about music, anyway?) (Definitely not me.)

Real musicians may be far better equipped to inform you what the best musics are. I used to take piano lessons but quit after a bad concert experience and blamed my failure on an ill-fitting blazer. I played the euphonium in middle school but quit when a prerequisite for playing in the concert band was also being in the marching band. I hate marching! Some people enjoy marching, and Scott Brooks is a good coach!

Martell Webster, who is a Washington Wizards swingman and also a musician by the name of Sui Generis (which means “of its own kind” in the dead language), has informed the world that he has, in fact, released a single yesterday, February 17, 2015, accompanied by a music video. Normally, I’d take the news of this release with a grain of salt, seeing as I don’t know **** or even how to respond to reports that facts may exist, but I’ve now seen the video and can officially confirm that it exists.

This man believes that Martell Webster has “bars.” And I agree! I struggle to excel at menial tasks like taking out the trash, much less challenging tasks at my place of employment. But Webster seems to have considerable creative talent as well as basketball talent. This is why I despairingly play PowerBall and hope for the best, despite an acute knowledge that it is most likely a scam perpetrated on the American public. One time I spent $70 on a pair of weights that were used twice before constructively exiting my life despite their continued rubbery presence on the floor.

I like Martell Webster’s first single, “Disposition,” quite a bit. This concludes my opinion (which contains no facts seeing as I don’t know those things) of the song.

The video, which I enjoyed, is very organic/local/free-range/authentic/blogworthy/seaworthy and also boasts real production value/TLC/chasing waterfalls/effort. It can be found below. Martell’s album, “Anybody Relates to This (or A.R.T.)” is scheduled to drop this summer (date TBA), at which point you will presumably be able to cop it digitally or physically.

To round out this blog’s robust coverage of the release, here are hasty reviews from other members of the TAI crew and from my girlfriend:

@Truth_About_It: The beats—smooth—and images of nature—calming—dilute any desire to overly critique. Plus, the track doesn’t sound bad at all. Sure, we can do without the “I’m new at this” disclaimer—whether we are aware of such or not—near the beginning right before Sui G. starts rhyming. Numerous mentions of the word “nature” overlaying imagery of the North Pac-West, however, subliminally alert us that this, in fact, might come natural to Martell Webster, and that this first valiant but forgivable song is all part of the process, as Ernie Grunfeld might say.

A balance between arm gestures and facial expressions, and whether they lend to the flow being genuine, has yet to be achieved. And if I were to guess what one “Neill Von Tally” looked like prior to this video, it would come very close to the dude who unexpectedly pops up at the 1:29 mark—attempts to move on a pier like Santanico Pandemonium at the Titty Twister were, let’s just say, a bit distracting, but less distracting than the one-sided hair swoop. But the bro can flow, too, and only wants to get paid what he needs to survive for it. Still, I doubt “Cup-o-Noodles” is mentioned in his contract. Mr. Tally definitely could have replaced Matthew Lillard’s character “Cereal” in the 1995 movie “Hackers,” and only missed half-a-beat.

Other checkpoints are met: “haters” are mentioned, as is keeping one’s style “fresh.” I can’t quite tell, but Five Guys Burgers might also be getting a plug by Martell. At the end, we are left curious as to what conversations transpired around the closing campfire, guessing who was more likely to break out the acoustic guitar, wondering what sounds from Martell Webster might tantalize us next. The line, “I have never felt better than when giving back,” is ‘very Martell’ and worthy of appreciation.  —K. Weidie

@PretendHunkl3r: It’s full of nature. Better than LeBron [Ed. note: never breaking up. —CDD]. Better than the new Drake mixtape. Is that a “Space Jam” reference? —S. Hunkler

JohnCTownsendDead raccoon! Wonder how it died. Did you hear that an Asian supermarket in Temple City, east of Los Angeles, is under investigation for stocking its frozen section with plastic-wrapped raccoons?

That dark, ghostly spirit thing that glides through the woods at the nine-second mark reminded me just a bit of “Hexxus” from the early ’90s classic “Fern Gully.”

First impression of Sui? Don’t love his hip-hop voice, but like that he’s trying to enunciate. Clear flow like a mountain stream. I also liked this bit: “I ‘on’t do muuuuuuch … except brunch shit.” On second listen, maybe maybe he says “run shit.” (Anyway, if he’s talking about brunch shit, I’m with him.)

Figurative rock: I get it. The basketball. Crime-stopper.

I liked it. The expensive video production definitely helped ‘Tell’s cause. Would listen to his next single.

Oh, Neill von Tally, guest artist. Pretty forgettable. His cascading combover, however, is not. He looks like he could be my neighbor. Doubt he tried to bubble his 12 bars under water, but it’d be a lot cooler if he did.

(Side note: Mr. von Tally has got nothing on Kooley High’s Tab-One, another virtually unknown white hip-hopper. Just saying.) —J.C. Townsend


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