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Wizards Get Slaughtered by Cavs, Jeff Van Gundy Calls Out Ted Leonsis for ‘Happy Mood’

Updated: February 20, 2015

[via @recordsANDradio]

[via @recordsANDradio]

OK, wow. So a beat-down happened on Friday night. Unsure myself of how to feel going into the game, no feeling, certain or not, opposing or apathetic, would have expected an outcome that involved Cleveland winning by 38 points(1) and leading by as much as 40 points (by 22 in the first quarter).

Oh, I forgot. The excuses. Bradley Beal was out, Kevin Seraphin was a late-scratch with an immediate post-All-Star break condition of “flu-like symptoms” (not suspicious at all), and Ramon Sessions was very new and did not get on the court until Brendan Haywood got on the court, basically.

As one Chris “Hawk” ‘Thompson’ mentioned in the opening statements, it’s just one game for the Washington Wizards. They’ll be in the playoffs and this one game won’t decide the first-round series, regardless of the opponent. But also: the team of Ted’s Take, Ernie’s Process, and Randy’s Wittmans now has one single win and 10 losses versus these Eastern Conference Opponents: Atlanta Hawks, Toronto Raptors, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Charlotte Hornets. The one win came against Cleveland when: Twitter happened.

But hey, at least they beat the Bulls sans this season’s Derrick Rose and depth, last season. Another also: the Wizards can’t beat the good teams when healthy. Did you know that only 13 NBA five-man units have spent 300 or more minutes on the court together heading into Friday night? The Wizards have two of them—396 minutes from Wall, Beal, Pierce, Nene, and Gortat; 317 minutes for the same lineup except Humphries instead of Nene. No other team had more than one.(2)

But hey, at least Ted Leonsis is happy. Even if Jeff Van Gundy and, really, no one else approves. Yep, that’s Jaime Foxx next to the Theodore Unit. And this scene happened not long before a commercial, for a local company called Under Armour, featuring Foxx and Stephen Curry arrived on the ESPN television. Kevin Durant, you might have heard, wanted to maybe sign with Under Armour this past summer but Nike matched the offer, or whatever of that nature. Just sayin’.

Oh yeah, Pharrell song with Willie Beamon. Don’t want to digress any further.

But there was sporting-celebutante hobnobbing and basketball-shooting after the loss.

Jeff Van Gundy’s quote (if you turn on the sound for the Vine below): “That’s an owner in a happy mood right there, right next to the bench.”


What else? This:

  1. Per ESPN Stats & Info: “the largest margin of victory for a road team over a home team this season.”
  2. And they came from Golden State, Sacramento, Los Angeles (Clippers and Lakers), Houston, Atlanta, Portland, Memphis, Phoenix, Denver, and Utah. Via NBA.com/stats.
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  • Switzbeats

    KD2DC haha

  • Brian

    Cheapo Ted

  • Jake

    When it comes to the locker-room defensive disagreements, I think John is especially fed up with Gortat, Porter, Webster, and Butler, because of their lack of on-ball, help defense. So to prove his point and maybe even out of spite he looks like he is semi-purposefully putting these teammates in compromising situations. At least last night it looked like he was.

    I remember on one made field goal Porter was so far out of position on a made 3 pointer that john actually ended up being closer to the shooter once the pass was completed. So, instead of contesting the shot, john just stood there staring at Porter and basically made him make a pointless effort to contest the shot from a far.

    And honestly I don’t know how I can take John’s argument that seriously when the three times he takes on lebron one on one he blocks his shot twice and gets him to air-ball the other.

    What’s worse? Playing poor defense because of lack of confidence/consistency and maybe even health? A la Webster, Gortat, Butler, and Porter. Or because you feel like you are entitled to be lazy? A la Pierce and Wall.

    Nene and Beal for the most part seem to be the only ones giving 100% on D.