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Of Course Otto Porter Made Shaqtin-a-Fool

Updated: March 6, 2015


They watched the clip twice while initially going over the “Shaqtin’-a-Fool” nominees on Thursday night’s TNT broadcast.

It was nominee No. 3, sandwiched in the middle of a “travel all the way back to Turkey” by Omer Asik; a 360° fastbreak layup miss by DeMar DeRozan; a pivot several times and turnover by Kirk Hinrich (“Kevin Mc-Stale,” Shaq called Kirk); and Alexey Shved throwing a running hook shot nearly 10 feet over the backboard. 

‘No. 3, Otto Porter … puts his brain in Otto-pilot,” quipped Shaquille O’Neal about Porter’s frozen moment versus Tony Snell and the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday. It was a play where if the Wizards had gotten a stop, they would have had a chance to tie the game with less than eight seconds left. Instead, Marcin Gortat left the paint to contest an open 3 attempt by Snell, neglected by Porter, and the offensive rebound from Snell’s miss went Chicago’s way.

“That might be the all-time funniest,” laughed Kenny Smith. A Vine of the incident received over 4.1 million loops by Wednesday morning. (1)

It wasn’t done. Ernie Johnson just had to have more Otto after the TNT crew, which also included Charles Barkley, finished watching the five Shaqtin-a-Fool nominees.

Ernie: “I know this is going to take a second, but please re-rack Otto Porter…”

Kenny: “Please, man…”

Ernie: “…Because that may be the best of all time, and it’s the way he breaks for it when he realizes…”

Kenny: “C’mon, Otto, man. Georgetown… Coach Thompson, what are y’all teaching over there, man? He’s taking, too, he’s talking on D, he’s talking … He’s gone.”

[Hearty laughter.]

[Oh’s, sweet, relieving oh’s]

Ernie: “One of the best.” 

Kenny: “That was the best.”

[Winding-down chuckles.]

Various reports from Wizards practice on Thursday relayed Otto’s facing of the music. The sweet, silent, music; the sound of ice and snow.

One report included this Twitter gem from CSN’s J. Michael, which is either a lesson in the ills of Twitter via presenting somewhat out-of-context information, or more accurately, just how not to use Twitter.

A more thorough quote via the written blurb (2):

“It just happened. Not seeing my man and the ball at the same time. Stepped up a little too high. That way make sure I can see him. Next thing I know he’s gone. I was actually talking to (Garrett) Temple on the ball at the same time while I took my eyes off him. That’s when he went.  Just happened. It happens. Not the first one, trust me.”

And as it relates to how Otto was “supposed” to let Snell go (3):

“…but we wanted to run him off the line. Any shot, as long as he’s not set and wide open — he can make those—but if you’ve got somebody running out on him we have better chances. We didn’t want (him to have) that much space.”

Fair enough, and true. Snell is worse from the right side of the floor. But also: this has absolutely nothing to do with Otto’s gaffe and why it happened.

Otherwise, poor Otto. Feel bad for the bear cub.

And if this post just feels like cheap #WellActually pixels layered on top of a regurgitated Shaqtin’-a-Fool pixels for the Internets, well, actually, it is.


  1. 5.8-plus million loops upon publishing this blog post late, late-Thursday/early-Friday.
  2. …or capsule … or are all Comcast pixels limited to 600 words of bare essentials? … the sustenance (content) farming of Wizards coverage…
  3. “Supposed” should have never been used—it makes us all feel like we’ve just heard Billy Madison’s answer to a question about the effects of the industrial revolution on the modern novel.
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